Mac Users Don't Believe WWDC Leopard Screen Shots.

Despite the seemingly unimpeachable nature of the source, many Mac users believe that Steve Jobs’ Leopard presentation yesterday was nothing but a collection of cleverly Photoshoped images.

After a string of supposed Leopard screen shots were promulgated on the Internet prior to WWDC, many may be gun shy.

As soon as Apple posted the QuickTime stream of the WWDC keynote, Mac users noted some troubling details about the so-called “Leopard demos.”

Analyzing screen captures he had taken of Jobs’ demo of Spaces, Mac user Alex Johnson noted “There’s severe pixellation on the edge of every window. And the font kerning is all wrong.

“Here,” he said pointing at the screen with a Space Food Stick. “And here.”

“Now, sure, it could be because it’s a screen capture of an overloaded QuickTime stream. Or it could be because this is yet another phony collection of Photoshop creations intended to fool eager Mac users into thinking Apple is going to release features called ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Spaces.’

Wake up, sheeple!” Johnson shouted.

Then he angrily took a bite of the Space Food Stick.

Other Mac users went further than Johnson and speculated that Jobs himself may be a clever Photoshopping, pointing to the pronounced edge of his outline against the screen behind him.

“But I don’t just mean in the picture,” said Carl Stoller. “I mean all the time.

“Maybe I’ve just been burned too many times by Apple screen captures, but don’t you think Steve is just a little too good to be true?”

Apple representatives stood by the veracity of the screen images shown during the keynote.

But, under closer questioning, they did admit that Phil Schiller wasn’t really on a rollercoaster in the iChat demo.

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  1. Yep. Those are real shots if I’ve ever seen one. Heck, I’d bet my moon land…
    Say! How ’bout them Oakland Raiders!

  2. tres! quatorze!

    So that’s what he meant when he said the outside was all new! Because… it’s… ah… Photo……….shopped? Oh never mind. And it started out so well, too.

  3. Speaking of fakery, Google Earth is a liberal propaganda ploy to convince everyone that our world is shaped like a ball, when in the Bible TImes the Greeks showed that it was flat.

    Every day Photoshop is used to foist some scientific “truth” on a gullible public in order to destroy the family unit. Look at porn. No, really, look at porn…see what I’m sayin’?

  4. Wait, didn’t the Greeks actually prove it was round?

    That’s why they throw their plates on the ground after a meal, to signify their anger at the Earth not being flat.

    Uh… well… that’s at least one possible explanation for why they do that. That and they don’t like doing dishes.

    And they’ve had enough Uzo to stun a ox.

  5. According to the 22nd century Galactic Lexicon, the Commontongue term Photoshoped was dropped in favour of the Argellian slug’s misspelling of “Photoshopped”.

    Kudos to Moltz for not following the way of Glooar. He was always a bit of a bully to the other species on the language advisory board anyways.


    -The Doctor

  6. You all keep talking like that, and you’ll bring down the Wrath of Steve.
    It ain’t pretty.

    Me and my Pantsâ„¢ are just going to step back and watch this one from a distance.


  7. Can someone just Photoshop my posting to either 3rd, 9th, or 14th? Ah, and this may explain the OMG Steve has 3 min. to live, call Dr. Kildare! articles. It was just a bad PS filter

  8. I just wiped my second HDU, I needed some space.
    When leopard is released I can get everything back with time machine.

    Live is good, no worries!

  9. Eleven!

    Thanks Chuck, thank you one and only.

    I thought Steve SOUNDED pixellated too.

  10. I don’t really want to hear about anyone “wiping” anything on CARS, especially these so-called HDU things.

  11. But, under closer questioning, they did admit that Phil Schiller wasn’t really on a rollercoaster in the iChat demo.

    Now THAT’S the kind of hard-hitting, gut-wrenching, hard-nosed, shin-kicking, arm-twisting, vomit-inducing, nail-clipping, sugar-dipping, France-bashing, fish-cleaning, car-polishing journalism I’ve come to expect from CARS. Don’t let Apple get away with ANYTHING!!

    Damn fine job! Damn good reporting.

    Now get out there and get me a story about Spiderman! Who is he? Were is he from? Is he really a Presbyterian because I could have sworn he was Roman Catholic.

    And bring back pictures! I want photos!!

  12. His Steveness,

    The bunny may help you in your task at photoshoping ponies. I have a little intel (no really it in my Macbook pro) that he has experience in that area.

  13. Mmmmm, Space Food Sticks. The Caramel ones were my favorite. They don’t make them anymore in caramel flavor…sigh…They also make them square now and they WERE round. Where is the respect!?

  14. It’s like social promotion in the schools. If each post is labelled #1, maybe we’ll all feel better about ourselves.

    Which has nothing to do with my point here–to remind everyone of the famous corollary to Clarke’s second law:

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.”

    Words to live by…

  15. So if Time Machine can roll back files, can I just create an empty file… ohh, say “MLPnySx22.jpg” and roll it back to a time in the past when it existed on my drive? I think it was there back when I had Mac OS 6 on the drive… or maybe it was GSOS 6. But I shouldn’t have to know that… it should just reappear, right?

    That, or I could just ask NWJR. You have the whole MLPPnySx series, right? They were really hot too. Slutty Ponies they were!

  16. My number one son forgot to turn of the italic making machine so we’re having a sale!

    C’mon Down!

  17. Tell me how the screenshots are fake if people are DEMOING the OS RIGHT NOW at WWDC????

    they are givinng presentations for developers to learn how to develop for leopard. they couldnt make all that shit up.

    i think that there are at least twice as many features still not being showed off.

  18. i called apple today and asked about the apple phoocopier.
    i was put on hold forever.

    This proves they are working on a xerox killer!

  19. Just thought I’d check the italics.
    And get yet another boring Number One, yawn zzzzzz

  20. The movies on the Apple site should put to rest any doubts about what was actually shown, so this is pretty moot. People who doubt what is shown after a keynote when the evidence is readily available are in the same category as flat-earthers and global warming skeptics.

  21. I have shocking news. After a thorough investigation the picture of the faking of Leopard is actually faked! It has taken me several hours of careful examination of the picture on CARS site and now I can say without any doubt that someone used photoshop to add the word FAKE to the image.

    Now I don’t doubt Howard. That breed tends to be reliable and doesn’t go around faking photos of fakery. I blame Thor. He is used to being the center of attention and he hasn’t posted a story in a while. I think he needed to be in the center of the limelight and was jealous of all the attention Masako since the topless slow kiss. Plus I’m not certain if the rest of the CARS staff could pull off such a magnificently well done fake.

  22. Schiller WAS actually in front of a field of ponies in the “real”version. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone saying OMG PONIES! in quiet Schiller-like voice.

    That’s why the stevenote wasn’t streamed live.


  23. Yeah well, Photoshopping was a little harder for us Greeks, you know what I mean? Just imagine trying to Photoshop something without electricity! I mean, what the heck?

    We didn’t have roller coasters, so the Schiller trick wouldn’t have fooled us in the least…

  24. This number one post is faked, but I didn’t need Photoshop. That’s right, all you need is FireFox to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

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