19 Sep 06Mac Users Switching Back to IE.

ZDNet reported late this afternoon that a security flaw in Internet Explorer is being exploited by porn sites. ZDNet warned that the flaw could be used to install adware featuring lots and lots of porn.

Tonight, all across the Macintosh community, users are struggling to reinstall Internet Explorer before randomly surfing the Internet hoping to get hit by an adware installer.

“Crap!” said iMac owner Darren Siers. “How the hell do you install IE again? I mean, is it in the Tiger disks? Can I get it from Microsoft? Where does one get an install program for a six-year-old web browser?”

Crazy Apple Rumors Site reporters were at first uncertain why Mac users didn’t simply avail themselves of any of the ubiquitous free porn to be found on the Internet.

“Part of my sickness is that I like them to force it on me,” Siers admitted glumly while attempting to find Microsoft’s Mac download page.

“C’mon… c’mon…

“C’mon! Darren needs a spanking!”

Turning to reporters, Siers said “Uh… can you leave now?”

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  1. comacnut says:


  2. comacnut says:

    I think I could find a copy of IE for some free MULF porn.

  3. Stranger says:

    ….too busy…
    …installing IE.
    (And waiting for it do do anything. Good grief it is slow!)

  4. Nxxx with eyepatch. says:

    Isn’t Internet Explorer known as IE because of the resemblance to the sound that users make as they climax?

  5. Ace Deuce says:

    It’s been a couple of years since IE has worked on my Macs. It’s just stubborn, I guess. Maybe a whip would do the trick.

  6. 2000guitars says:

    insert Package™® joke here


    maybe those crazy apple rumors aren’t so crazy after all.


    oh, and sexth

  7. Huh? says:

    Pffft… this is all nonsense…

    Um… What version of IE was needed, I mean, was vulnerable?

    moo (Pants™® rockin’ the OS9 baby!)

  8. scared monster says:

    I can’t answer by now, even if I’m in Top Ten.
    I went to buy some Dell. Or a HP. Or a Packard Bell.

    No, finally, no Packard Bell.

  9. odin says:

    Didn’t Packard Bell become E-Machines or is it just a coincidence they both are built by spider monkey’s in a Taiwanese sweat shop?

  10. Krabappel's son says:

    Newsflash: Safari market share suddenly dips full percentage point. OMIGOD!

    George Ou threatened to unleash the truth on his blog. He knows it’s all about prOn and will tell if given a chance! But not just yet, hopefully in a coupla days.

  11. HisSteveness says:

    Hm, porn. Pony porn, too? I might think of trashing Safari…

  12. njyo says:

    Hey, that’s unfair! HisSteveness cannot claim 11th on a Mac-fanpage. That’s like God winning in the lottery.

    I demand a restart for the comments!

  13. burnyourPC says:

    Oh wait. This is a Mac-fanpage.


    Sorry, seemed to have arrived here via my Intel PC (porn collector).


  14. Who needs IE. We have downloaded and saved all the porn on the internet and are offering it on a 1,726 blueray disc set for only $19,905.00 + SH.

  15. Ano Nymious says:

    Naked PONIES!!!

  16. jacknutz says:

    mwa hahahaha IE came with my G4, hahaha! Porn adware, come to me baby!

    Any pie left? Porn goes well with pie.

  17. Anomynous says:

    Moltz sure is diggin’ on ZDnet lately.

    Are they paying you to drive all that traffic to their site, Moltzy?

  18. blank says:

    I thought driving traffic to ZDnet was O’Grady’s job. I can just imagine the lawsuits now.

  19. DocWolfram says:

    Am I too late for some pIE?


  20. scared monster says:

    Finally I brought the Dell desktop back.
    No porn at all. First I had Excel, then a blue screen.

    Hey ! Let me think about it…
    Excel’s so …

  21. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Weird. I use two-finger scrolling on my MBP, and when the pointer hits the “Ads by Goooooogle”, the scrolling stops.

  22. Huh? says:

    Hehehehe… He said two-finger scrolling… Hehehehehe…..

    Two… Fingers…. hehehe

    Phew. I crack myself up.

    moo (Pants™® in need of clean shorts)

  23. J0n says:

    Extending yesterday’s discussion of Off Topic topics, has anyone ever figured out what happened to Jack Miller and AtAT?

    Did Moltz do them in?

  24. He’s in our basement. Wife and kid too. Nice folks.

  25. Walking Contradiction says:

    I *KNEW* I had left IE in here for a reason!

    IE is so better for porn because you don’t have to work for it – it just streams to you endlessly! HA! And they said that having a piece of shit security abomination like IE was a bad thing!

    I still use Safari for most web browsing because … well, it doesn’t suck ass. But to have porn stream to you automatically in a trojan horse/virus sort of way, there is no beating IE.

    Face it, IE *IS* porn. Don’t agree with me? Install and run it on your machine and WATCH IT SUCK ASS!!! Mmmm, now that’s good porn!

  26. Rip Ragged says:

    Free porn. All I have to do is spend an afternoon installing an outdated, clunky piece of shjt browser.

    All this time I thought I had to type “lesbian” into Google. Oh the hours I’ve wasted.


  27. Carbonfish says:

    Mmmmm, Naked lesbian PONIES!

  28. John Moltz says:

    On the ZDNet connection, it’s because I’m getting these newsletters after signing on to comment on George Ou’s blog.

    I feel so… used.

    And not in a good kinky way.

  29. Acacia says:

    So much spam (

  30. Abi says:

    Awesome, man

  31. Caiek says:

    So much spam (

  32. Acacia says:

    Not bad, it really can occur

  33. Tillsr says:

    Looks nice

  34. Fdail says:

    Not bad, it really can occur

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