06 Dec 06Your chances of winning are dropping exponentially!

The response to our impending crap giveaway has been phenomenal! You people really love crap!

If you want to get in on the ever-decreasing odds of winning something next week, send an email to editor@crazyapplerumors.com with “Crap” in the subject line and it’ll go right into our spam filter!

And if you’re lucky, we’ll fish it out and enter you in the giant crap giveaway that will be going on all next week in celebration of our 5th Anniversary. Shirts, bumper stickers and maybe some treasures from my basement.

But not the vintage Cheryl Tiegs t-shirt. No way I’m parting with that baby. At the right moment, I’m gonna sell that on eBay and retire.

UPDATE: If you’ve already sent an email, please don’t send me another one. I can’t respond to all of these, but trust me. I’m combing the spam filter.

18 Responses to “Your chances of winning are dropping exponentially!”

  1. ME says:

    First here too? I gotta get in on that craptastic contest.

  2. Don of Doom says:


  3. OMGHAX says:

    Holy crap!

  4. Ace Deuce says:

    Just send me the prize, okay? Let’s not make this any harder than it has to be.

  5. Garrett says:

    I bet if I say “Ubuntu” enough times, prizes will
    magically appear before my very eyes! 🙂

  6. Garrett says:

    Including that “Cheryl Tiegs t-shirt”! Yummmy! 🙂

  7. Garrett says:

    You wouldn’t happen to have a “Farrah Fawcett t-shirt”
    would ya?

  8. HisSteveness says:

    Crappy ponies…

  9. Ventzi says:

    I can settle to a crappy Porsche…
    …or at least a Mac Pro


  10. Ventzi says:

    or a Porsche with a built-in Mac Pro

  11. Ventzi says:

    oh, and some crap in the trunk!

  12. buthidae says:

    I want hot lesbian sex.

  13. Joe #2 says:

    You got Jennifer Connolly in that basement?
    Dammit, people have GOT to stop saying “hot lesbian sex” cause it immediately makes me think of a sexbot and nude Jenn…

    sorry, what was I saying?

  14. Saikou Yuden says:

    Got enough crap already, thanks. Need any more?

  15. Anomynous says:

    Ventzi, you have junk in your trunk?

  16. Carbonfish says:

    Did someone already say CRAP? Crappy hot lesbian sex ponies? HMMMmmmm?

  17. Ventzi says:

    Not yet, Anomynous. I’m expecting to get some from the giveaway.

    Imagine: LOADS of CARS crap!!!
    My eyes water with the very thought of it…

  18. NWJR says:

    CRAP! I forgot to put CRAP in the subject line the first time!

    I’ll send another message…

    CRAP! They say I can’t!

    How the CRAP am I supposed to win CRAP now?

    My kid really wanted that pony for Christmas, too.