No post for tonight

Well, we were going to post something, but reality interfered.

And it was totally weird because, as you can imagine, reality isn’t something we see a lot of here at the top-secret Crazy Apple Rumors Site headquarters. And we were like, reality! Yo! What’s up?!

As it turned out, reality was pissed. I dunno. Maybe because we’ve been dodging her for so long.

Anyway, reality rode us like a Schwin all afternoon and we didn’t have time to put the finishing touches on that 8-part series on illegal cock-fighting rings inside Apple.

We’ll get to that next week…

Whoops. No we won’t. Just got a fax from Apple legal.

Darn it. We did a lot of work on that.

Chet even went under cover. He got his ass kicked in a chicken suit numerous times.

On the plus side, Howard and Ugluk made about $500 betting against him. I would have cut myself off a slice of that but our personnel policy expressly forbids managers betting on cock-fights involving their employees dressed up as chickens.

I’m not sure how that got in there. It was a template we got from Oracle. I think they put that in there after some “incidents” in the mid-1990s.

Well, anyway, I don’t think reality’s planning on staying long. We put her in the spare bedroom and the mattress on the pull-out couch is about an inch thick. We’ll see you next week.