A point of clarification

Computerworld has republished Macworld magazine’s the Apple Year in Preview with a date of January 24th and I’d just like to point out that it actually first ran on Macworld’s web site on January 3rdbefore the keynote – and that Chris Breen, Adam Engst, John Gruber, Andy Ihnatko and I actually had to write our predictions back in November since it also appeared in the print copy of Macworld.

Why do I bring this up?

Question one.

What will be the most significant new hardware to appear in 2007?

Moltz: The Apple iPhone, as it will have only one button.

Of course, this will come as no surprise to our loyal readers who already tune in to Crazy Apple Rumors Site for its accurate and timely reporting.

36 thoughts on “A point of clarification”

  1. wow – top 5 (fourth?).

    Never got this high before … wow man, trippy.


  2. Very impressive Oh Great Leader.

    Any word on when the Giga-Post will be fixed?
    With no one there to supervise the backhoe, who knows where that tunnel will go.

  3. Del, you’re so durn cute with that one track mind. I admire your dogged determination.

  4. So it is still a rumor site? Things are coming true.

    There’s a shot for that now.

  5. Dammit John. I don’t come here for accuracy. I come here for cheese blintzes in brown gravy. Speaking of which, someone finished off the Velveeta.

  6. I could have sworn you’d already had a brag about that remark! Or was that on Daring Fireball…

    My Pants® have one button – SuperQuick Access. Lesbian ninja’s like that.

  7. “monkeys Says:
    January 24th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    Those aren’t actual buttons, that’s just a slider.”

    Actually the slider is on the touch screen and there is exactly one button as noted in Jobs’ keynote.

  8. No fair. An early post. Why couldn’t you predict that back in early January.

    Now what else can be operated with one button?

    Can you add extra whip cream to my mac&cheese

  9. Who cares about a stupid phone?

    Sexbots Moltz, make them come true then come a gloatin’.

    Mind you it does show that people are listening. Bravo!

  10. You deserve to be smug. Go CARS! Wait a second, that’s weird! This site’s initials are the same as the plural form of car with caps lock on! And what’s more, if you assign each letter a number (1-26 alphabetical order) and add them all up, the sum is 41! And the product is 1026! Coincidence?

  11. But what happens when you push that button? Nothing? Does it say “That was easy”?
    Or is it a shirt button? If so, where’s the buttonhole?

    Oh, BTW, something malfunctioned in the restroom. I’m not sure if it was the toilet or a person. But it smells. Real bad.

  12. Del is right about the tunnels in the Giga-Post. It could become a national security issue.

    Besides, I left a bag of groceries over there, and they’ll go bad if we can’t get in to fetch them. It will be Katrina all over again, albeit on a smaller scale.

  13. I’m still wating for ” iTunes 8″ before I lick the dirt off your boots. You are wearing boots, right? Because I’d, like, totally *hate* to lick dirt off loafers, trainers, slabs or whizzeys.

    If you dont know what “slabs” or “whizzeys” are: just ask The Entity. In his Dimensions they’re already so gone that they’e [DIV -1] again.

    Just ask him. It. Her. Whatever: If you don’t understand the answer it’ll be totally Zon. Zane. Sum. Zune. Ah, crap, whatever.

    Just don’t ask (and please wear your boots).


  14. Wow John, we’re all quite proud of you. Really.
    My Pantsâ„¢ would like to give you a big hug, but…. I would probably pass on that one if I were you.

    I’m not sure what’s in this but it’s attracting too many squirrels.

  15. John,

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have earned the gratitude of an appreciative nation. That (along with a ski mask, a pistol, and a non-descript automobile) will allow you to make a large cash withdrawal from the bank of your choice if you’re careful.

    Interesting mathematical factoid:
    If you multiply the number of buttons on the iPhone by the square of e and divide the result by the square root of π, it will keep you busy long enough for someone to steal your iPod.

    Could I have a refill on the au jus, please?

  16. First of all, as it is already the twenty-fifth over here and just in case I forget, Happy Christmas.

    Did we expect anything less from Our Glorious Leader?

    Speak louder, LOUDER!

  17. Did I mention I predicted that Apple would release an iPhone and it would have one button?

    Because I did.

  18. 29…woohoo…

    Oh yeah. We always knew you could do it John. Way to don the old Kreskin hat man. Atta boy. Now get your ass back to work and make some goddamn rumors or something.

  19. Hey John,

    Have someone check to see if your arm is dislocated from patting yourself on the back too hard.
    Not that we ever doubted you on that one button thing.
    Because you have been right constantly.
    As I sit here with my Sexbot and use my clay molded iPhone created by Steve Jobs himself, I can’t help but be amazed at it all.

    By the way, it’s actually August 2008. I’m texting this in using the time machine function on the iPhone.
    You guys won’t believe how the new iMacs work! I mean they sijcaolcnl fnkv,svvna

  20. John,

    I do believe this means you have to remove the “Crazy” from your domain name law or else it could be considered false advertising.

  21. What else can be operated with one button? A sexbot of course…

    Hehe… hehe…


    OK, I’m off. Gotta take a cold shower.

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