New GTD Application Released.

The burgeoning field of Mac implementations of the GTD philosophy increased again today as a new shareware application was released.

Developer Don Adams says that his new application is designed for those looking to get into the latest productivity trend: Getting Things Don.

Adams said “Where the ‘Getting Things Done’ strategy is aimed at organizing tasks that have been collected through ubiquitous capture, ‘Getting Things Don’ focuses on the simple fact that guys named ‘Don’ are just more efficient.”

Adams says that after reviewing the traditional GTD process, he realized that if more people just acted like him and other Dons, they wouldn’t have to worry about carrying around a stack of note cards held together with a binder clip.

“I don’t care what Merlin Mann says,” Adams said, “That’s just a crock.”

Getting Things Don allows the user to assign items they might need to certain Dons that they can then seek to emulate in that particular context.

“For instance,” Adams said “I might decide that I need a male truss – and I don’t – I can then assign that item to noted author Don DeLillo in the context of ‘support’. Then later I could look up what kind of male truss DeLillo uses and buy that one.

“Because he’s a Don, I know it’ll be the most efficient male truss I can buy.”

Getting Things Don is a free download but in its unlicensed version only supports up to three Dons.

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  1. Went from rss page, to web site. got it right as it posted.

    Are the same true for Don Was (not Was)?

  2. Would the database include information regarding how especially… you know… unpleasant tasks might be handled by the “Teflon Don” (before he was dead of course)?

  3. I’ve been doing this for years, assigning most tasks to Don Corleone. His methods work well enough that the FBI has taken an interest. (That’s why I use a pseudonym. Like Vito Andolini.)

    And when I just want to be funny, I assign the task to Don Adams.

    “Missed it by that much!”

  4. I’ve gotten many things dun in my life and it’s a nice color. But I’m kind of burnt out on the Getting Things Dun movement — I’m going to start up with the Getting Things Gold movement as it’s much more lucrative.

  5. Don doesn’t work on Thursdays around here, so we have to go to our backup plan. Getting Things Dude. Dude isn’t nearly as efficient as Don, but he always scores some good smoke.

  6. I don know what has become of these posts. For those females that don’t have particularly male issues, I guess they can get things Donna.

  7. Now that we are discussing look-a-likes, has anyone else noticed the similarity between Alfred E. Neuman and The Bill. As reported by Thompson Financial in the WSJ The Bill sold 810,000 shares the week of 2/27/07 for $23M bringing his sales to $422M, or so, since last October. We can imagine if asked about Vista sales, the reply might be “What Me Worry.”

    Which may lead to the expression: “I Never Expected That, Bill” (often overheard when opening the AMEX envelope.)

  8. Kinda reminds me of the SNL skit of old “The Al Franken Decade” where things were only important if they were related to Al Franken. Quite a funny bit.

  9. We know that Dawn takes grease out of your way, but will she do anything else?

    What about Getting Things Dunne? That Dominick is a piece of work, I tell ya.

    For sci-fi geeks, Getting Things Dune. Desert planet. Etc. Though things could slow to getting high on spice.

    For carnivores, Getting Things Well-Done. Though anyone will tell you that it’s better medium-rare.

    Lastly (only because I need to get back to work), Getting Things Juan.

  10. That’s not the real Don Adams. I bet he doesn’t even have a shoe-phone, or a cone of silence, or Agent 99.

    When confronted with this, “Adams” replied:

    “Would you believe I have the series on DVD? That my baby-sitter used to watch it? That I made the whole thing up?”

  11. I can’t believe you are supporting organized crime!

    Sure, many Dons have gotten things done but it always seems with such violence. I mean, someone saying “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” will pressure someone to get something done efficiently and quickly, as will sticking a horse head in a bed next to someone, but, come on, that’s not very nice.

    I don’t support violence as you seem to think is so important to get things done. By the way, are these other Dons the Don of the local geek mafia? WTF?

  12. …and for the cannibal…

    Getting Things Donner

  13. Donner…that’s like Xtra Don-nish

  14. And then there’s Getting Things Don Quixote…for getting impossible things done.

    Like getting Vista to install on your crappy PC box. Or finding another Zune user.

  15. The first GTD release will be evolutionary and will win all kinds of awards and be discussed around water coolers for years. The second probably the best release of them all, and then they’ll do a third with some input from Sophia Adams (his beautiful 20 year old daughter who can’t ac..code to save herself but looks really, really good) – and everyone will agree that they really shouldn’t have done the third one, and then there will be one final release much later that almost noone will, and they’ll call that The Last Don?… uh..

  16. 32nd.

    All this time, I thought the “e” was silent. Now I understand that it was just a metaphor symbolizing prosthetic karma.

    Please Mr. Custer. I don’t wanna go.

  17. My neighbour’s got this beautiful mango tree and vegetable patch. I’ve been using GTD and Mr Rumsfeld has been climbing over the fence at night, coming back with an armful of those beauties.


  18. Oh, *I* get it … you people don’t care *how* stupid the column is, you’re just poised over your screen waiting for CARS to post so you can be Number One …! Just like a bunch of … guys.

    It’s not fair! Whenever the alleged “author” of this …blog? … isn’t funny, the comment list is guaranteed to be a stitch.

    Where were you little shits when I was lookin for loooove. Oh, right. About four yrs old. Note to Mr. Ragged: I get it. The rest of these tweeks are teh kids.

  19. Welcome Zo.

    I’m breaking all sorts of protocols here, posting after a new column has been posted, in fact “posting post post” to give it it’s official term. I’ll probably fall in a well tomorrow or have some other kind of “Final Destination VI” type fate befall me.

    But, I felt it necessary to say hello.

    Hello. Keep bitchin’. Seriously.

    And…erm…last post is usually mine so..step off. OK!

  20. Don Adams obviously hasn’t met my husband, Don. He could be a procrastination guru to the masses.


    There isn’t a download link for GTD, as a DON, i would love to try this out.

    This is a rare Goof up at Version Tracker. Tried to email the develpoer but there aren’t any links.

    When did the VT site change?

  22. Yeah, really. I like to be the first one to download and write reveiws for all apps on VT, MU, etc, the lack of a download link and contact links is very frustrating.

    Did a search on every major search engine, but nothing found. What gives??

    I know i’m a Dan, and a feature i would like to see would be allowing tasks, etc to be assigned to a DAN, or Dave (my brother) or DAD, GranDAD, etc.

    i just realized the authors site is probably over the usage limit.

    Will check back later, no mirror site?

    Anyone who has downloaded this, please forward to:

  23. Did anyone pick up on the fact that there is no Don DeLillo. The man’s name is Dom. So you all suck Domkey Dicks.

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