New iPhone Rumor Has Apple Web Abuzz.

The Apple rumor world kicked into overdrive again today as evidence of a tantalizing new iPhone in the works was revealed.

First reported by Engadget, a chain email featuring a humorous picture of a monkey using a telephone was forwarded to someone from an Apple email address, setting off a chain reaction of speculation of an upcoming iPhone specifically designed for monkeys.

Apple Insider then picked up the news and proclaimed “Clearly this means that Apple intends to deliver a monkey-enabled version of the iPhone.”

Think Secret had a different take. “Clearly this means that everyone who buys an iPhone Pro, which is coming out next week, will get a free monkey.”

And Mac OS Rumors said “Apple will introduce crank-powered monkeys at a special event on the Apple campus tomorrow. The phone is just a red herring.”

But not everyone was as sanguine about the iPhone/monkey rumors.

“This is ridiculous,” said the iPhoneless Merlin Mann. “Someone sent someone a picture of monkey. It doesn’t mean anything!

“Besides, who’s to say the current iPhone was not designed for monkeys?

“And I think you know what I mean by that.”

33 thoughts on “New iPhone Rumor Has Apple Web Abuzz.”

  1. This should be great news for Monkeys, because as you all know, Monkeys are very under-represented in the world of wireless communications.

  2. “Apple refused to comment on this story, but their press agent’s breath did smell suspiciously of bananas…”

  3. I’ll scream like a chimp and fling my poo, if that means I get a free iPhone out of the deal.


  4. Hate to be picky (not really), but a chimpanzee is not technically a monkey, and the photo clearly shows a chimp calling the Kremlin on the Hot Line circa 1961.

    Also, most Tarzan movies and the TV series erroneously showed a chimp called Cheetah as Tarzan’s little buddy when those who know the truth about fiction will tell you it should have been a small monkey named N’kima.

    Al Franken’s Google-Monkeys would have caught this error.

  5. So simple even a monkey could use it.
    I believe you all know to which ‘IT’ I refer.

    No! Not that one.
    The other one….

  6. Well, clearly monkey-enabled iPhone has bridged the gap between monkey and chimpanzee just as iPod bridged the gap between metrosexual Apple nerd and preppy high school cheerleader. Hopefully, it will also bridge the gap my ex-wife and me (monkeyless iPhone only reunited me with my estranged father and nothing more). Oh, Brianna! Take me back!

  7. This is the first indication that Apple is getting into content big time! If enough monkeys type enough words into the iPhone (er, mPhone) it could be a re-viralization of Shakespeare.

    Imagine it – uncopyrighted plays, scripts, screenplays, lyrics and jingles. Jeeha!

  8. That’s not an iPhone in the picture…

    Well, I’m getting an iPhone Pro if it really comes with an iMonkey Pro too (the “Pro” means it’s toilet trained and won’t throw shit around the house, right?)

  9. To NKOTB Fanatic: Your wife may have left you because you are a NKOTB Fanatic. The only way to get her back is to buy an iPhone or an mPhone and listen to NKOTB on it. The iPhone will make her want you. Now here’s the important part: use the headphones. Nobody, including your wife, wants to hear that crap.

  10. guys, guys, slow down…

    that’s obviously a part of the ad campaign for the new upcoming ZunePhone, made by the same guys who came up with the “Power Together” Logo (which, btw, is now funnily enuff, gone from the page).

    Windows looks like monkey business anyways, so it’s just focusing their scope to a market they can understand…

  11. CARS has already posted a rumor last year about Apple’s new fun product: monkeys with little hats…

    I guess it’s now coming true, but with a phone instead of a hat.

    I’ll probably wait until they release the “hat” version before I buy one…

  12. “Hate to be picky (not really), but a chimpanzee is not technically a monkey …”

    Not a monkey at all. It’s a chimp, an ape, the genetically closest species to humans.

    Monkeys have tails. Apes do not.

  13. OK, look, I’m still on the road looking for the Entity so Chet posted this one in my absence as the whole monkey/ape thing is a pet peeve of mine.

    I mean, Curious George? Ape. Not only that, a great ape. Not some slacker gibbon. And yet every god damn book “This is George. George was a good little monkey…”


    OK, gotta keep driving. Some farmers in Idaho thought they might have seen an energy being so we gotta keep driving.

    I never should have brought Howard as he’s not much help with the driving. And if I had brought Thor we could have done the whole thing in his Porsche.

    Instead of the Nova.

    Not that the Nova isn’t boss and all.

  14. If Thor came with, you’d be done by now.

    What a guy!

    Oh, and the whole monkey/ape conflation thing honks me off too. As do people who write things like “conflation.”

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