The Kilo Post.

Hey! Looky there! Welcome to post 1, 00!

As it suddenly occurs to me we’ve been busting our humps for over 999 posts (a number of posts didn’t come over in the great Movable Type to WordPress conversion). So we’re taking a day off.

You got a problem with that? Eat it.

Frankly, you people brought this on yourselves. I frankly don’t look at those numbers because they don’t really mean jack diddly, but a number of you pointed it out to me and tried to put all this pressure on for it to be this big deal and were talking about how everyone would get free ice cream and there would be pudding and pony rides and unexpected visits from old friends like Vinz Machete and Glaarku and Gary and Jon Rubinstein.

Hey, did you know he’s at Palm now? Ha-ha! Good luck with that, Ruby!

But anyway…

Here we are.

Oh, but for ellipsis fans, don’t worry. That won’t be all. There’s another one coming up.

I know I keep saying stuff like “Oh, no post today because my sewer line is out” (it actually is out, but do you care? Noooo.), but isn’t this really a post? When is a post not a post?

Hmm. Probably when it doesn’t discuss an Apple rumor, I guess.

OK, fine.

As a boy, Steve Jobs fired a puppy.

No, really. It’s true. It’s on the Internet, isn’t it?

OK. Now, the Kilo Post… (there you go) is yours.

Try not to mess up the side view mirrors.

And don’t play with the radio.

58 thoughts on “The Kilo Post.”

  1. Congratulations on your one thousandth post birthday! Do the excuses for not posting count as a post?

  2. Just couldn’t resist posting, regardless how late, especially given the whole ellipses theme…. Congrats John!

  3. 57 varieties and nothing to say.
    Just wanted to post today.
    1K and all for little pay.
    My rhymes are better than Bolton’s, nay?

  4. Congratulations on KiloPost!

    So, is this post the Son of MegaPost?

    Or, should that be Daughter of MegaPost?

    Oh heck, why not call it Spawn of MegaPost

    [Que thunder followed by evil laughter…]

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