27 thoughts on “Doing It Wrong”

  1. I knew there was a reason why I kept the RSS feed of CARs in NNW. Months and months of it being ignored now has paid off.

  2. SEVEN! HA!

    Is he back for real or is this just another crewel joke at our expense? STAY boy! STAY!


  3. Motlz?

    I thought I subscribed to the RSS feed of John SMOLTZ.

    You know, Cy Young award-winning pitcher?

    Damn. I can’t do ANYthing right…

    I was wondering why this feed was so lame.

  4. Mom? Mom?!? MOM!!!
    Goddammit Mom, where the fuck are you?
    I fucking fell off my fucking bike again!

    Oh. There you are. (sigh) I’ll go wash off my keyboard with soap again. (shuffles off silently with an unkissed boo-boo)

  5. Pffft!! If you were really doing it wrong, you certainly wouldn’t need to call your mom’s attention to that fact. You can be certain she would tell you without prompting.

    Can’t even do it wrong right!

  6. I don’t have any problem with the “wrong” part; it’s the “doing it” part that always throws me.

  7. That was just… so… wrong…

    I was only dropping by to check in on the Mega-Post, and now my brain hurts.

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