30 Jan 09Fireball – The John Gruber Story

I’m thrilled to be associated with this production. Please see the website here.

Fireball – The John Gruber Story Trailer from Dan Moren on Vimeo.

21 Responses to “Fireball – The John Gruber Story”

  1. Yuji says:


  2. YourOpinionSucks says:

    I cried.

  3. Sue says:

    Signing in ……

  4. I’ve been telling you for years, John Moltz is John Gruber!

  5. The flat top on the Fireball icon at the website is an affront to the good name of John Gruber.

  6. Aaron Priven says:

    Little. Darling. Furball. Better.

  7. LOL says:


  8. Bill Eccles says:

    I’m only commenting to see if I’m still alive, and not because I think Gruber is a self-righteous, egocentric, liberal, and yet strangely interesting person.

  9. buthidae says:

    10 Green Grubers, sitting on a wall.

  10. buthidae says:

    Interesting Google ads today. Number two after posting this comment:

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  11. Ace Deuce says:

    Is there still time to buy product placement in this production?

    And will there be John Gruber action figures, or is that an oxymoron?

  12. Hurt Booten says:

    Sorry. ClickToFlash is preventing this content from being displayed.

  13. Sudo Nym says:

    Stanley Kubrick?

    Somehow I would have expected different music on a Kubrick film.

  14. Silly Rabbit says:

    [Silly is seen to be sitting in a tree, for reasons which are about to become apparent. He is intently scribbling something with a pencil onto a pad of paper that is set on a clipboard. He stops writing, holds the clipboard at arm’s length to consider his work for a moment, and then speaks.]

    Okay… How about this, buthidae?

    “K – I – S – S – I – N – G.”

    No… wait… that doesn’t rhyme, does it?


    [Silly fervently erases his prosaic creation with a vigor born of intense frustration.]

  15. Nxxx says:

    Ife has a pad of paper, which are normally backed with cardboard, why must it be mounted on a clipboard?

    Got it!

    Greater area for product placement.

  16. Steve G. says:

    First to say: you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

    @12: Gruber is more likely an inaction figure. A Merlin Mann action figure would really get shit done.

  17. Benny says:

    Looks like this will be an inspiring movie, John… in the same way that sky-diving onto a church steeple would be “inspiring.”

  18. blank says:

    I’d even go so far as to call the project “daring.” Best of luck at next year’s Oscars!

  19. michael says:

    iphone OS 3.0!

  20. Brett Warner says:

    Movie looks incredibly inspirational I’ll have to give it a watch.