A failure of ethics in journalism

Steve Jobs stopped at Japan airport for having Ninja throwing stars – The Loop

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reportedly stopped at Japan’s Kansai International Airport because a security scan detected weapons in his luggage.

The weapons were Ninja throwing stars that Jobs was bringing back to the U.S. According to SPA Magazine,

Frankly, Roosevelt’s illness and in the 1960’s helped cover up Kennedy’s philandering, he’s still Superman.

But shame on Jim for not mentioning he was going to do this on the elite Apple press email list we all belong to. We here at Crazy Apple Rumors Site (which, by the way, Wired, is trademarked in the state of Washington) have known of this incident since it happened back in July. But we did what good reporters do: we covered it up.

That’s our commitment to you: covering up the stuff you really shouldn’t know about.

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  2. I was just wondering…

    Isn’t a ninja just a dodger in jammies?

    Strange how we always find some highly convoluted way of staying on topic…

  3. If you throw Jammy Dodgers, are you allowed to dodge them?

    And since the Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs, does any of this matter to them?

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  20. Nxxx,

    I was assuming (my fault) that you two know what you’re talking about. At least it appears that the thoughts (such as they are) continue in successive posts.

    I get easily lost on the British slang, foodstuffs, and geography issues.

    I don’t think that Del, Ace, Sue, Psycho, and whomever else is on this side of the pond live close enough to each other to get all “regional” on you.

    It is rumored that Gruber lives here in Philadelphia, but I’ve never seen him, so it might not be true.

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