28 Jan 11Daring Fireball, the song

No words. They should have sent a poet.

19 Responses to “Daring Fireball, the song”

  1. e says:

    yes first!

  2. Bill Eccles says:


    Kinda’ like DF.

    But not really.

  3. Moof says:

    Brilliant as an iPony in a full moon!

  4. Josep says:

    4th top ten!

  5. b, trying to look empty, says:

    La, la, la !
    Let’s eat pancakes !

  6. Chiefzonker says:

    But is John Moltz = John Gruber?

  7. Sue says:

    Somebody has a Macworld story to tell.

  8. greenacres says:

    Damn, I wish I was wearing my DF shirt right now, damn the dress code here!

  9. Gupta Feldstein from Outsourceistan says:

    So, when do the Daring Fireball Ghost Shirts go on sale? They’re in Pow Wow now in San Francisco. What’s the hold up?

  10. Cold Nosington says:

    Damn, why can’t I ever be first!

  11. Ace Deuce says:

    This one is much less creepy than the previous Gruber-centric post. That’s a plus. Now, how about a post about, I don’t know, some crazy Apple rumor? Ya know, just to mix it up a bit?

  12. Pastaklovn says:

    He DOES really like baseball.

  13. Brother Mugga says:

    What is this ‘baseball’ of which you speak?

    This post is further evidence of the Gruber-Moltz-Hybrid. Notice that you never see Gruber and hear Moltz’s voice in the same shot *at the same time*, hmmmm?

    Very ‘clark-wayne’.

  14. Nxxx says:

    Last night I was watching the likes of Thin Lizzy, Mark Knopfler,Deep Purple, BB King, Slow Hand but that was the best.

    When I can write sings like that, I shall deem suicide as a pleasurable event.

  15. b, trying to look empty, says:

    I guess «base-ball» is a kind of degenerated cricket.

    And I guess that Mr Gruber is a kind of degenerated Moltz ; like a first gross attempt.

    And, finally, that song is awful. The choirs are frightening. I feel like lost in an unknown devastated town infested by zombies. And my brains are awesomely tasty.

  16. Steve G. says:

    First, I gouged my eyes out over the weird Gruber painting from a few weeks back.

    I just perforated my own ear drums after listening to this.

    If there’s a Gruber-related smellovision clip waiting out there, despite my face, I will have to cut off my nose.

    This is getting out of control. I think Moltz might need an intervention.

  17. iMoo says:

    In other news, the cheesecake is NOT a lie… and it is delicious.

  18. blank says:

    In a parallel universe not so very different from our own, that was a much better video. Said video is entitled “CARS.”

    What? There’s already a song with that name?

    I guess that means Moltz really is Gruber–in a parallel universe.