All 100 Million Free iTunes Songs Accidentally Sent To Hoboken.

In what officials at Pepsi have termed a “distribution snafu”, all 100 million bottles of Pepsi with caps good for one song on the iTunes Music Store have been sent to a deli in Hoboken, New Jersey.

A thread on Macintouch has been tracking the mystery, which now appears to be solved, for days.

Ellen Hafner, a spokesperson for Pepsi’s distribution division, said “Obviously we make all the special caps in one run and somehow that batch just got sent straight on to the guy who puts them on the bottles.”

When asked about the assembly process, Hafner replied “Oh, yeah, we do it all by hand. Well, Vic does it. Vic, yeah. He’s got wrists the size of Christmas hams.”

Pepsi has yet to completely sort out all the details of the alleged snafu.

“I… uh… don’t know how 100 million bottles got shipped to one deli, though. That’s… um… ha-ha! Ahhh.

“See,” Hafner added, getting serious for a moment, “cola distribution isn’t as easy as it looks.”

Complicating the situation, proprietor Mel Anastasio of Mel’s Deli is not certain he will release the bottles for sale.

“I seen these damn kids come in here all the time,” said Anastasio, “with their god damn long hair and their god damn rap music. God damn punks is what they are.

“The last thing I need is them gettin’ free music to blast on their freaky iPods. It’s these god damn punks that make it sos you can’t sit down to watch a football game without havin’ a god damn nipple stuck in your face.”

Anastasio indicated he would release the bottles when he was “god damn good and ready.”