Jobs "Utterly Spent" After Introducing New iPods.

After yesterday’s introduction of the new iPods, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reported to be “utterly spent.”

Shortly after what was described as “a really satisfying introduction,” Jobs leaned back and lit up a cigarette.

“Oh, man,” he said. “That was great. I am like a beached whale!

“Slipping a picture of the new iPod into Newsweek like that… then the big intro… Who’s your daddy? Who is your daddy!?”

Jobs then drifted off to sleep.

Apple spokesperson Cynthia McLaren said “I think it’s clear that this product introduction was good for Steve, but I believe it was also good for the media, too.

“I ain’t hearin’ no complaints, you know what I’m sayin’?”

McLaren, however, has apparently not spoken with several members of the media who were left unsatisfied by yesterday’s iPod rollout.

Your Mac Life’s Shawn King asked “That was it? Because that was… really quick.

“I don’t know, I was just expecting… more. I just… I didn’t really feel anything, you know?”

Newsweek’s Steven Levy’s complaints were less about the introduction itself than what was increasingly becoming clear to him as the very small potential for meaningful followup.

“It was nice and everything,” Levy said. “But… why did Steve have to rush off like that afterward? I thought I was special. I thought we really made a connection.

“Do you think he’ll call me? He said he’d call me, but…”

McLaren indicated that Jobs was very busy and did not necessarily have the time to personally call back every media outlet he uses.

Uh… to introduce new Apple products.