Everyone Already Sick of Tiger.

In an unfortunate sign for Apple, reports from around the Macintosh community indicate that everyone is already sick of Tiger, 11 days before the operating system update ships.

“If I hear one more thing about Spotlight or Dashboard or Automator,” said Mac user Mathew Bacher “I’m going to march into an Apple Store and beat the hell out of a 14-inch iBook with a fricking baseball bat.

“Admittedly, I have some anger management issues.”

But Bacher isn’t alone. According to posts to message boards at Think Secret, SpyMac and AppleInsider, Mac users everywhere are sick of the relentless 24-hour-a-day Tiger coverage.

In order to maintain users’ interest, some say Apple will need to sweeten the deal.

The New York Times’ David Pogue said “The technology industry is fast-paced and companies are hard-pressed to come up with ways to keep customers interested. Apple should consider throwing something in at the last minute, some kind of freebie.

“Like… I don’t know… some pork fat. Maybe a pound of it. Makes a good cooking medium. People like it. Just an idea.

“Wouldn’t have to be pork fat. Butter. Lard. Just thinking out loud here.”

Apple has not indicated that any new offers of Tiger accompaniments are forthcoming.

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  1. Aww hell…, fourth and cinco…

    Hmm, how about some nice ghee with (from?) that Tiger.

  2. That SouthCenter Apple Store I was sold with was planning to give a full year subscription to Schillerworld.

    Pork fat might be better though.

    Or pork fat AND Schillerworld. Mmmm. I can’t think of a better way to read it than smeared in pork fat.

  3. Tristami, have you seen David Pogue’s New York Times videos? It’s clear that he really would like some pork! I mean look at him!

    Well, no, he’s not fat.

    And he hasn’t been gaining weight either.

    It’s justÂ…

    Look at him. He’s totally the kind of guy that’s into pork fat.

    I meanÂ… just look at him.

  4. Hmm, you know what. I take all that back.

    I shouldn’t rag on Pogue.

    I mean especially since he actually emailed me back one time!

    Allow me to excerpt his letter:

    “Ooooh, yeah, you’re right–I was a tad overzealous there.”

    *I will treasure his words as long as I live.*

    Let’s all go buy a copy of “Mac OS X: Power Hound” to celebrate the magic* of Pogue!

    *this is a coded reference to true “Pogue-heads”

  5. pork fat is a cooking medium? i always thought it was an action that i do when im with yo momma.

  6. Was in the Compusa in Schaumburg, Il where they will be giving out little flashlights (think Spotlight) the night Tiger is officially for sale. Someone already had this covered…Oh, Lord. The pain…I could have used some pork fat. A flashlight!? Come on!

  7. Do you really think a company run by a vegan would give out pork fat? Tofu or Chocolate Silk I’d understand. Maybe even some soy margarine, but not pork fat.

  8. I take the Ghee.

    As a vegeterian, I don’t like animals. Dead one’s I mean. I think animals have a right to live. They should not be imprisoned in small cages or in boxes. And they should not be displayed in circuses or zoo’s. And they should defenitly not be put in boxes and displayed…

    OK, I’ll wait for a vegetarian version of Mac OS X 10.4

    Maybe Steve should call it “Lettuce”, or “Cabbage”

  9. Lard, ghee …….. it all sounds a bit fattening to me

    What about a diet version – Tiger Lite

    It would have a huge market – imagine everyone that is clinically obese switching from Windows all at the same time

    It would be Tiger – but without all the new features

    Did I mention I’m in charge of clearing Apple’s back catalogue? Hire me – I’m lateral

  10. Despite the obsession with pork fat, the point of this story is that Tiger is passe (can’t figure out how to accent that final e). John’s right, where is the gossip, rumors, and pointless, meaningless arguments over the next OS? We’re done with Tiger! Bring on XXX (Please replace XXX with your quess as to what the next OS will be named).

    pork fat obsession

    sexbots obsession

    post number obsession

    cheese and midget lesbian ninjas obsession

    this is such a strange web site

    I feel at home here!

  11. I have plans for what we’re going to do to keep people’s interst up.

    We’re including a DVD with each package of Tiger that people buy at an Apple Store (online or inline).

    The DVD’s contents – in glorious 1080i High Definition 5.1 Sourround Sound Glory – is a video of Larry Ellison singing “Kung Fu Fighting” while he does a martial arts demonstration on the deck of his America’s Cup Ship “The Oracle Dingy” or whatever it’s called.

    Also as a special bonus, we’re including a preview of all 275 new features to be released in Mac OS X 10.5 – Puddy Tat, to be released in 2008, long before Longshot, er, Longhorn which will be released as a beta just about then. With a 64-bit version to be released in 2085.

  12. Yes, the point of the article is not lost on any of us. Anyone in the mac community could probably recite the new features of Tiger verbatim. Old news Jobs, what have you will have done for us lately?

    Ever notice that speaking about future events in the past tense is exceptionally difficult? I believe this was addressed in ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’ book — part of the HHG2G series.

    I believe, according to the Guide, it should be: What willa haven you done for us lately?

  13. Microsoft is already using a vegetarian for its OS code name. Apple might try something that eats pure energy, like Sequoia, or Tribble.

    Perhaps tickets to Seigfried and Roy could be included with each copy of Tiger.

  14. last night when i did software update, a security update didn’t install.

    When re -trying update the security update wasn’t listed.

    how can i check to see if it was installed?

    (am typing this on apublic computer lest mine is compromised.)

  15. I was wondering what that “Suet or Tallow? Pros and Cons” session at WWDC was all about…


  16. Macintosh Man,

    Go to your System Preferences: Software Update Preference Pane. Click on Installed Updates and sort by date. You should be able to find what updates have been done.

  17. OK!!! The next OS is Puddy-Tat! But 2008 is too far away, Steve. Mid 2007 is much more acceptable. That is 2 years after all.

    Ace Duece, I like the idea of Seigfried and Roy tickets. Much better than the plan to hand out boxes of Sugar Frosted Flakes, although with the current prices, I think the best giveaway would be the coupon for free gas.

  18. Interesting to note people/person have been posting support questions here.

    Even more interesting is actual correct/helpful advice is posted.

    keep up the good works mackers!

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