Nothing today?

There’s a network outage at the top secret Crazy Apple Rumors Site headquarters. We’re down the street at the coffee shop posting this. We’d love to post from here but the coffee shop people want a “cut” if we do.

I’m pretty sure they have no idea what the business model behind a rumor site looks like.

Anyway, if the situation improves back at the office in the next few hours we might be able to slap something together, otherwise it’ll be tomorrow.

Unless it’s still down then.

America’s wired city, my ass.

Which leads us to our comments topic: boxers or briefs? Compare and contrast and conclude with a recommendation.

And for the ladies: thong or big-butt panties?

54 thoughts on “Nothing today?”

  1. I’ve been reading these posts and have come to the conclusion that Man is doomed to extinction in the near future.

    I’ll set some extra places at the table. See you at eight!

  2. Spelled “weird city” sydlexic. Starbuck’s on 6th Ave and Pine St yesterday afternoon. sweet powerbook

  3. Shatner’s Canadian, I was born in Iowa!!!!

    ( And that wasn’t me in the Starfleet yellow teddy with matching stockings, that was my feminine persona from an alternate universe who showed up after a bizarro transporter incident, really! )

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