No Help Desk Today

Maybe this weekend.

Or not.

We’ll see.

Anyway, in the comments section please state your preference: paper or plastic. And feel free to use this opportunity to make ad hominem attacks on your fellow commenters who feel otherwise than you.

69 thoughts on “No Help Desk Today”

  1. Plastic, of course. The wine soaks through those paper cups way too fast…

    Michael Jackson

  2. This is not a normal post for CARS, but is anything normal on Cars?

    This is just to say thank you to Bellidancer and the rest of you guys. Thank you as well for the minute silence at Laguna, as an adopted Londoner, I/we appreciated your kind thoughts. Thanks again and the normal Cars war resumes tomorrow.

  3. Personally I prefer paper to plastic.

    Tampex tampon applicators are much more environmentally friendly to those manufactured by Platex.

    Oh… and I hate Ben and that Jennifer woman!

  4. Bellidancer,

    You hurt me. Not becauce you suggest I’m a spaz, but because you misspell my name.

    It would be easy for me to call you Belly Dancer, for example, but I don’t, because I have a sensitive and caring disposition.

    By the way, rather than SPASTIC! I meant to say I preferred FANTASTIC ELASTIC MASTIC.

  5. Personally, I think marriage should be illegal between two ad hominems.

  6. Ace Deuce, I sincerely apologize . I was unforgivably careless in not checking the spelling of your name. I am a poor speller, so I usuälly run anything I type through a Spell Check. (Unfortunately, our Spell Czech has been missing.) I will be more careful in the future to only attack your character and leave your name alone.

    Again, I am very, very sorry,


  7. Paper is biodegradeable, which is good. It’s also a great aid to a nice bit of arsony.

    But plastic allows what we in the sport call the “lazy fat man’s carry” which allows you to bring in a week’s worth of groceries at once.

  8. Bellidancer,

    Thank you for your sincere and heartfelt apology. You are truly a class act, like all true CARS adherents.

    At this point I should mention that I was only feigning hurt out of boredom. I really don’t care how people spell my name–I’m a poor typist myself (see “becauce”)–probably because I have cloven hooves instead of fingers.

    Yes, you’ve been punked, and I suspect I have been as well. Can we trust anyone in this virtual domain?

  9. I’m not missing. I just needed a vacation.

    I went to, where proofreaders and spellcheckers make the world safe for English teachers everywhere. Plus, the mojitos are to die for.

    However, all of you are now on notice. I’ll be back in two weeks. I’ve gottta go pay my syntax.

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