Just 51 Hours Left In First-Ever CARS Contest!

We’ve already got a slew of entries (some of them are even good!), but we want yours!

Nah, I’m just kidding. We don’t really care. But if you want a shot to win some stuff, get cracking, slacker!

20 thoughts on “Just 51 Hours Left In First-Ever CARS Contest!”

  1. Phew! I thought we were getting close to the deadline but 51 days, that’s great.

    “stupid clone tool…FARK!”

    “What the fu…not that pixel for freak sake!”

  2. #6?

    I’d make an entry, but i suck at graphic design.

    If only I could use my awesome ninja photo ability to sneak a picture of jobs out of his skin, with his bushed aluminum armor bare to see, i could win this thing.


  3. Haha! I got 11!

    I counted wrong though…

    Does that nullify my position?

    Or can we all pretend the 0 is a 1?


  4. “Bushed” aluminum amor? Do you mean like fatigued? ‘Cause weathered is BACK, baby!

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