Just 27 Hours Left To Enter First-Ever CARS Contest!

Through an error committed by a lower-level paralegal several weeks ago, Apple has accidentally filed suit against itself for a host of grievances, including copyright infringement and restraint of trade.

Think Secret recently provided a rundown of Apple’s current litigation which neglected to note Apple Computer, Inc. v. Apple Computer, Inc., which is understandable as the company, also understandably, has attempted to keep a lid on the mistake.

Strangely, however, sources indicate the company is actively pursuing the litigation.

“[CEO] Steve [Jobs] has decided to make an example of Kenny the paralegal’s error,” a source in Apple Legal said.

Exemplary of the effort is General Counsel Nancy Heinen’s withering cross-examination of herself during depositions, as the following excerpt from court records proves.

HEINEN: Let’s talk about your company’s recently released “Tiger” operating system.
HEINEN: Don’t you think it bears a striking resemblance to my company’s “Tiger” operating system?
HEINEN: I don’t know. I guess so.
HEINEN: You… “guess so.”
HEINEN: Well, I’m not a software engineer so…
HEINEN: Ms. Heinen! How long have you worked in the technology industry?!
HEINEN: [mumble-mumble]
HEINEN: I’m sorry, what was that, Ms. Heinen?! I couldn’t hear you!
HEINEN: I said pretty much all of my professional career!
HEINEN: “Pretty much all of your professional career”! Indeed! So, you’d think you would know something about operating systems by now!
HEINEN: Tell the truth! “Tiger” is exactly the same as “Tiger”!
HEINEN: I have no further questions. The witness is excused.

Heinen was also reportedly severely winded from having to run back and forth from her table to the witness stand.

Key elements of the lawsuit mistakenly filed by Kenny the paralegal (Apple has declined to release his last name) include:

  • Apple is claiming copyright infringement on the Apple logo, Macintosh trademark and pretty much everything else.
  • Apple is seeking an immediate cease and desist order against Apple to get it to stop doing every it’s doing at exactly the same time, because that’s really bugging it.
  • The company is also seeking a restraining order to prevent the company from coming within 100 yards of itself.

No one’s really sure how any of these could possibly work, but sources in Apple Legal maintain that Jobs is adamant the litigation go on, having said “No, no! Kenny seems to think we should sue ourselves, so let’s play out Kenny’s idea. I think Kenny’s a real ‘outside the box’ thinker! Isn’t that right, Kenny?

Kenny the paralegal reportedly shifted uneasily in his chair and stared at his shoes.


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  1. that just makes me happy. Never before and never again, but for this one, shining moment… I was first. ‘Scuse me, I have to go write in my journal.


  2. I believe what John meant to say, judging by the time of his post, is “Just 26 Hours and 59 Minutes Left To Enter First-Ever CARS Contest!”

  3. I visit CARS, but I’m not sure if you believe I am not just you posting under a different name.


  4. Are we to believe Del is a pirate–from a landlocked state? Can a midwesterner, a landlubber, aspire to be a pirate or buccaneer? Methinks highway(wo)man or rustler is more likely.

    Or pickpocket. Or cutpurse.

  5. I sent an entry just to recieve the promised 2lb of cooking lard and confirmatory email. Guess what? Never recieved it.

    The contest is a hoax.

    Wait…the lard was another contest.

  6. To Mr. Mark Psycho, your preposition is ludicrous.

    And what Midwestern state is Del from?

    Because a pirate can buccaneer on the Great Lakes.

    Or raid the little kiddies at the local pool.

  7. By the way, I now have more posts than half of you combined on this thing.

    Now that I think about it, that’s quite sad.

    Never mind…

  8. Pirate or no, I tend to agree with Del…of course, it does rather depend on the, er, quality of booty versus the amount of the loot….

  9. Arrrrh me matey’s I be terrorizing the Great Lakes so bad that now they are only O.K. Lakes. Arrrrgggghhh

    Where’s me grog.

    *Takes a swig of grog*

    I’ll tell ye how the Ella Fitzgerald really went down me boys.

  10. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down

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    The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead

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  11. Eh the sinking of the Edmund was Boring 🙂

    I’m tellin ya me hearties that the sinking of Ella is what is really interesting 😉

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