Clearing Up Some Confusion

There seems to be some confusion about the posting here, as the Colonel in comments seemed to think I was saying that there would be no Help Desk this week.

See, today is Thursday – or, specifically for this particular Thursday, “drinkin’ day.” The Help Desk is posted on Fridays.

Now, the confusion probably comes about because posts don’t generally make their way onto the site until around 10:30 PM PST. That’s because our posting system is something akin to the classic board game Mousetrap, where the post must go through a tenously assembled chain of events – an iron burning through a rope, a marble rolling down an incline and activating a system of pulleys that lift a lever that drops a hammer on the toe of a cat who…

Well, you get the idea. But that whole process takes about six hours to complete. And there’s some Bugs Bunny music that goes along with it.

Let’s review how the week goes:

Monday is actually “Moon-day” according to old Norse tradition, and we celebrate it by dancing naked in front of the statue of the god Lunar. Consequently posts will either be short so we can get back to the dance or long and convoluted because we’re typing and dancing at the same time.

Tuesday is “good post” day – it’s when we usually hit our peak and actually post content you might recommend to a friend, loved one or clergyman. Well, probably not a clergyman. But there’s really not much reason to read the rest of the week. It’s all down hill from Tuesday.

Wednesday is free soft taco day. Or you can get soup, a roll and a small soda.

Thursday is usually “list-post” day because we generally run out of ideas by then and are just barely hanging on until Friday when we will be forced – against our will – to write another Help Desk column.

Which we hate, by the way. Ooh, how we hate writing Help Desk columns. Rumors are so much easier to write. With the Help Desk, we actually have to do research and testing and vetting and get out the machine with the two antennae and the electricity arcing in between. And, man, don’t touch your PowerBook if that thing’s going in the room. Zzzap!

Well, anyway, we just wanted to clear that up before we go drinking. I don’t want to be mid-way through my two-olive martini and suddenly have this image of the Colonel or Del or Psyko or jp sitting there hitting refresh over and over again expecting different content.

I don’t need that guilt.

Not after I bilked all that money out of those senior citizens. I’ve got plenty of guilt over that, thank you very much. That’s why I drink. Although, I have to say, it’s a good thing I have that money so I can pay for the drinks.

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  1. I have heard the word on Entity hoodies…

    and it is good.


    Would they just say “The Entity” on the front or something? I mean… that doesn’t really impart the whole effect with the complex swirl of electrons under the hood that you could stare into for eternity and never see the same pattern twice…

    Maybe some kind of funny logo…

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