Jobs Insist Apple Will Remain His Focus, Edges Slowly Toward Door.

Despite having just completed a blockbuster deal for the sale of Pixar to Disney – a deal that makes Jobs the largest shareholder of the company known as “the Mouse” – CEO Steve Jobs insisted today that Apple will remain his highest priority.

At a staff meeting with senior executives of the company, Jobs sought to quell concerns that his focus will inevitably shift to where most of his financial interests now lie.

Jobs’ words, however, might have been taken more seriously had the billionaire CEO not delivered them while slowly edging his way toward the door.

“I’m totally committed to maintaining Apple’s position as the best computer and consumer electronics company in the world,” Jobs said, stepping back and to the left toward the door of the conference room.

“I’m excited about the new Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro and I’m determined to bring a whole new line of Intel-based Macs to market,” Jobs continued, sliding nonchalantly into the doorway.

“The addition of video to the iTunes Music Store and the iPod is going to vault this company into a leadership position in the entertainment industry, and I certainly don’t want to miss that!” Jobs exclaimed, shuffling out the door several steps.

By the time Jobs concluded his speech, he was 20 yard down the hall and sprinting toward the lobby.

“I can’t hear him,” said an exasperated director of iPod marketing Stan Ng. “Can you hear him?”

“I think he said something about waffles,” offered Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Bertrand Serlet.

Jobs was last seen running across the Apple parking lot in the direction of Disney headquarters in Burbank, Calif.