Nothing today

Stomach flu.

All of us.

No, really.

Please describe your worst bout of stomach flue in the comments.

We won’t be reading the, however, because we don’t need any more encouragement to hurl than we already have.

75 thoughts on “Nothing today”

  1. Had food poisoning once about 4 years ago.
    Couldn’t stop shitting.
    Ate a cracker. Shat. Drank some water. Shat.

    Ended up in the hospital for 3 days on IV because I was so dehydrated.

  2. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg this is the best day of my live!

    well, all becides that ONE time, I um………………..had that stomach flu. Got to stay home from school for like 2 weeks ^_^

    those were the dayyyyyyyyyyyyys

    HEY! Im not done singing………

  3. I had a stomach flue which required monthly visits by a chimney sweep. And not one of those friendly, singing kinds of sweeps. This one swore a lot. And smelled like day old stew.

  4. What’s worse than getting a worm in an apple?

    Getting shot in the face!

    20…okay I’ll stop now

  5. When I was little, I had the flu so bad I projectile vomited and hit the window on the other side of my room. That was also the time my fever made me hallucinate a giant hand coming out of my closet door and grabbing my shirt. Not bad for a 6 year old.

  6. Stomach flu? I think you can get it on Ebay quite cheap. Last time I looked it was about FOURTH pounds.

  7. A transparent prevarication as usual, Molz. Influenza is typically systemic. It does not affect the stomach exclusively or principally. Your troubles may be bacterial or viral in origin, but giiven your penchant for cheap food of questionable origin, I might suspect the former. More likely, though, you’re just hung over again. Tell the Entity to get off his ass and do some work for a change. Also: it’s FLU not FLUE, unless your esophagus is lined with tiles.

  8. Mr. Moltz.
    Sir, Following the humane attitude of the British Government in dealing with the miscreants in the Dublin Post Office in 1916, I shall allow you to be shot sitting down.
    Disgusted Col Retd

  9. Inside the top 10?

    has everybody found something more interesting to do?

    Does the Entity has an ass?

  10. i also like big words. mommy teached me a new one last night. pottymouth. but i don’t like it…. it always tastes like soap when mommy says that.

  11. Not a popular topic, huh? Or does everyone else have it as well?
    Actually all this talking about .. vomit-related ..things.. erm.. is making me feel a bit .. I’ll be right back.

  12. Somebody call me?

    Haven’t had flue yet … had FLEW once, but it turned out to be nothing but a bad verb —after I got it out of my system, I was fine.

  13. This one time at band camp… my stomach contents flew all over this girls feet when she put a trumpet in… let us say a very uncomfortable place.

    top ten for my first post, hot damn!

  14. Valentine’s Day is when your heart should fly, how inappropriate that your stomach flew.

  15. Ninth!

    I don’t have stomach flu, but I do have gastroparesis, which means my stomach doesn’t always pump properly. So I spend a lot of time throwing up anyway!

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