Intel-Based Macs Make Their Own Gravy.

After Apple’s announcement that the MacBook Pro would ship with faster than expected processors, few Mac users expected that Intel-based Macs would hold other surprises.

But Mac user Alton Brown of the Food Network’s Good Eats has discovered that – in a treat that all Mac users will enjoy – all Intel-based Macs make their own gravy.

Brown first made this discovery last week after receiving delivery of a brand new 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac mini.

“Previous Mac I’ve owned have all made juices of various kinds,” Brown said. “I had a lime iBook, for example, that made lime aid. It was delicious. Particularly in the summer. Very refreshing.

“Anyway, I had a pan going and I had the Mac mini sitting there and… I dunno. I was just curious.”

“I was also completely soused on cooking sherry. Whew! Man, was I drunk.”

Brown discovered that, when mixed with cream and flour, the dripping from a heated 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac mini will create a rich gravy suitable for any festive occasion. Brown has also subsequently tested a MacBook Pro and an iMac.

Asked what the Macs he’s tested taste like, Brown indicated that the Mac mini gravy tastes like beef gravy, while both the MacBook Pro and iMac taste like chicken gravy.

“I don’t know why that is,” Brown said quizzically, taking another sip from the pan his mini was sitting in. “Maybe it’s the GMA graphics card…”

Apple declined to comment, but in what may be an unrelated incident, the entire Cupertino campus smelled like bacon today.