Crushing your soul, one little angel at a time

Good news is, Apple ripped Ringo a new one and won in the Apple vs. Apple Corps suit.

Doesn’t it remind you of those super-hero crossovers where Spider-Man fights the Fantastic Four or something? You’re both so good. Why are you fighting? They almost always turn out to be over a misunderstanding. Or mind control. I wonder which one this was over?

Bad news is, it’s “Fricking get some shit done already” week here at Crazy Apple Rumors Site and, sadly, the activity known as “posting” is not a member of the “shit” set. Howard needs a tick bath, the Entity’s CD collection isn’t going to rip itself, Masako needs to work on some ad coding, Ugluk caught a mammoth over the weekend he’s got to gut and skin (at least he said it was a mammoth, but I’m a little suspicious as the Point Defiance Zoo is missing an elephant), Thor’s performing the first all-nude open-heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic, Chet’s making cut-out dolls of all the Apple executives and I’m learning how to win friends and influence people…


It’s a… correspondence course.

Anyway, we’ll be around and we’ll check in from time to time. See how you’re doing. Maybe bring you a casserole. That kind of thing.

In the comments, please tell us the deep, dark fear that lurks inside you.

Other than us taking a week off.