Apple Faces Legal Challenge Over "Pod" Trademark.

According to recent reports, Apple has been sending cease-and-desist orders to companies marketing products with names that include “pod”, claiming that they are infringing on the iPod trademark.

One group that has received such a notice has decided to fight Apple in court.

Representation for a group known only as “Pod Creatures From Beyond Our Galaxy” filed a counter-suit against Apple today, claiming prior trademark of the “pod” name.

“Our clients believe that it is Apple that has infringed on their trademark and not the other way around,” said Robert Carlson, chief counsel for the creatures.

“At least we think that’s what they believe. It’s kind of hard to tell as they just stand there pointing at you and shrieking.

“Depositions are really hard. But we will prove in a court of law that they have prior rights to the ‘pod’ trademark going back to their highly successful invasion of the Crab Nebula over 15,000 years ago.”

Apple contends that the aliens’ use of the term “pod” for the plant husks that consume humans and replace them with vegetable counterparts might confuse consumers.

Apple senior counsel Mark Aaker said “We don’t want people to think that we manufacture a ‘pod’ that takes a vibrant, engaged human and replaces him or her with a subservient lump of vegetable matter.”

Aaker paused to consider his words.

“Uh… let me put that another way…”

Carlson indicated that his clients said exactly the same thing, shortly before he was pulled under his desk by several large vines.