Vista Making Threats.

According to ZDNet, Cisco executives feel that Windows Vista is “scary”.

“Parts of Vista scare me,” [Cisco chief technology officer Bob] Gleichauf said at the Gartner Security Summit here on Monday.

Gleichauf said publicly that the yet-to-be-released Microsoft operating system may create just as many security issues as it solves, but sources indicate that Vista has also been threatening technology executives.

“Vista just barged in here the other day,” said a visibly shaken executive at a prominent database software company who declined to be identified for fear of reprisals. “It said ‘This is a nice place you got here. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.’

“Then it took a picture off the wall, smashed it over my laptop and said ‘Oops.'”

As a result the firm is expected to announce Vista compatibility next week.

Stories of the Microsoft operating system throwing its weight around have been making the rounds as criticism of the Vista delays and reduction in feature set have grown louder.

“Vista’s angry, man,” said a source who would only talk to Crazy Apple Rumors Site on the condition he be lit from behind. “I’m scrambling to make sure our hardware’s going to support it, but it’s a little hard when my fingers are broken, you know?”

Microsoft declined to comment for this story but did lower its sunglasses briefly to glare at reporters.