Mac Users Switching Back to IE.

ZDNet reported late this afternoon that a security flaw in Internet Explorer is being exploited by porn sites. ZDNet warned that the flaw could be used to install adware featuring lots and lots of porn.

Tonight, all across the Macintosh community, users are struggling to reinstall Internet Explorer before randomly surfing the Internet hoping to get hit by an adware installer.

“Crap!” said iMac owner Darren Siers. “How the hell do you install IE again? I mean, is it in the Tiger disks? Can I get it from Microsoft? Where does one get an install program for a six-year-old web browser?”

Crazy Apple Rumors Site reporters were at first uncertain why Mac users didn’t simply avail themselves of any of the ubiquitous free porn to be found on the Internet.

“Part of my sickness is that I like them to force it on me,” Siers admitted glumly while attempting to find Microsoft’s Mac download page.

“C’mon… c’mon…

“C’mon! Darren needs a spanking!”

Turning to reporters, Siers said “Uh… can you leave now?”