Apple Wireless Controversy Explained.

After George Ou’s posting of Apple’s responses to his questions about the wireless controversy (aka, Security Bitch Watch), Ou followed up in the comments on his blog by claiming that Apple was lying.

Evidently Ou’s sources at SecureWorks claim to have time-stamped data that proves they provided information to Apple – information Apple says they never received.

But Crazy Apple Rumors Site was able to determine the cause of the entire controversy: Mail’s spam filtering.

SecureWorks’ David Maynor sent numerous emails to Apple engineer John Vink which included packet captures, driver disassemblies, crash dumps, exploit code and a humorous MPEG of William Shatner singing “Rocket Man” with the subject line “Funny! ;-)”

Sadly, Vink’s spam filter was set to move messages containing the word “dump” into his spam folder.

“I… was getting some… gross… spam mail,” Vink said. “You don’t want to know.”

Regardless, Vink said, the materials sent by SecureWorks did not indicate any flaws in OS X.

“Yeah, turns out it’s Ubuntu. For some reason they thought we made Ubuntu. I just got off the phone with them. I told them we don’t. They said ‘Oh, really? Because it’s really nice so we just thought it was yours.’ But it’s not. We had a good laugh over it.”

At ToorCon this weekend, SecureWorks is expected to express their desire to stick a lit cigarette into the eyes of Ubuntu enthusiasts.