MacAddict to Change Name.

MacAddict editor Rik Myslewski confirmed over the weekend that MacAddict will change its name to Mac|Life early next year.

If the name sounds familiar, it should, according to Your Mac Life host Shawn King.

“Uh, yeah,” King said. “Sitting right here in the Your Mac Life studios having hosted Your Mac Life for over four years and serving it up via the domain name Sitting right exactly here!

“I’m drinking my beer out of a Your Mac Life mug fer chrissake!” a visibly agitated King shouted, lifting his beer-filled mug as evidence.

“I’m sorry,” King said, sipping his beer. “It just… really ticks me off.”

A spokesperson for Future US, the company that publishes MacAddict, backtracked today, perhaps in a sign the company did not realize the name was already taken.

“If you look closely at the name,” vice president of public relations Ned Hollings said, “you’ll see that there’s a vertical bar between Mac and Life. That bar isn’t silent.”

Hollings declined to say how the bar is pronounced, however, prompting rampant speculation on the MacAddict forums. One poster believed that the bar should be pronounced with the tongue click used in certain African and South American indigenous languages. Others insisted that it was pronounced “mother fucking”, indicating that, despite Myslewski’s comments indicating Mac|Life would be a more mature version of MacAddict, it will still have an “in your face” attitude.

King was not appeased by Hollings’ statement, however, and mumbled something about “Nashville boys” and “medieval on your ass” in between taking long angry draughts from his Your Mac Life mug.

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  1. Oops, I obviously meant to say this instead:

    | is pronounced pipe.

    So MacAddict Would now be Mac|Life or Mac Pipe Life.

    Sorry about that Crazy Hashish Rumors Site. I do not what came over me on that last post. Since when does Mac=Crack?!?!

    BTW I was so 11th. Ha!

  2. God, I hope they’re getting rid of that little Max fellow. He was okay at first, but became insufferable with the tux.

  3. Of course the bar isn’t silent. King was in it drinking and whining pretty loudly. Not to mention the interviewer in there asking him all those questions.

    And that jukebox is always playing songs by Hall and Oates or REO Speedwagon.

    Believe me, I wish the bar was silent sometimes. I like to go in there and try to think happy Mac|Thoughts. Also, it is where I keep my MacAddict beer stein.

  4. So anyone ask MacSlash how they felt about this? Since that slash is kinda like the vertical bar thingie. I mean, someone could get confused and type “MacVerticalBarThingie” instead of “MacSlash” and end up getting 404’ed.

    Or they would go to Mac|Life and wonder why they’re not getting modded down by Anonymous Cowards.

  5. wow so many articles dedicated to this magazine name change. Dare i say we all have No|Life

  6. aaaaggg!!! the words…. make the words go away…. aaaaaa…..
    the pain! stop the words!!!

    moo (Pants™® refusing to let the Shoes™ post EVER again)

  7. So now we have a new paradigm: take the name of a famous magazine and add “Mac” to it.

    I look forward to MacLook, MacPeople, MacInStyle, and the Saturday Evening MacPost.

  8. Not only is the | pronounced “mother-fucking”, but I believe the space after the ‘e’ is pronounced “Bitches!”

  9. I think “mother-fucking” has been extremely underused and is ripe for a name revolution. You know, kinda like the “i” and “e”….

    Hows about “Crazy Mother-Fucking Apple Rumors, Bitches”?

    Other businesses could do it too, like “Home Mother-Fucking Depot” or “First Methodist Churck of Mother-Fucking Christ”
    ..the “Bitches!” part may be inappropriate though…

  10. So what’s wrong with my Churck. It suits me, vodka instead of wine and Christmas Cake rather than bread. You get a better host in Churck. And the choir is all sixteen year old virgins.
    Dammit, have to get another choir.

  11. Clearly its just pronounced “bar” so it should be called “Mac Bar Life”

    Finally a magazine dedicated to all the best places to surf the web on an iMac while drinking Guinness and Wi-Fi enabled spots where yo can take a shot. maybe even helpful tips on how to clean up dried vomit from underrrrr yourrrrr keyboarrrrrrd to prrrevent sticky keys (I frankly could not use this tip any fasterrrrr… damn sticky “R)

    Viva Mac Bar Life

  12. Problem is that Shawn named his show YOUR Mac Life, not MY Mac Life, or SHAWN’S Mac Life. It all depends on point of view. When he says YOUR, from my POV the message is clearly “No really Saikou, you take it. It’s yours.” To which I reply, “Well thanks Shawn, that’s very kind of you,” and we have another beer.

    That’s all there is to it, really.

  13. I’m changing my name…kinda like That Symbol Guy…Prince.

    I am now Anonymous|Cowarde. Thats Anonymous Mother-Fuckin’ Coward Bitches.

  14. Just got back from my doctor. He found some mediaeval on my ass. Gave me some lotion for it.

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