Another Mac Publication Changes Its Name.

In the wake of MacAddict’s decision to change its name to Mac|Life, another venerable Mac news source has also decided to change its name.

Earlier today, Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber announced that “In order to better reflect its focus on news about deceased film maker Stanley Kubrick and playoff-eliminated baseball team the New York Yankees, I have decided to rename the site Stanley Yankeeball.”

According to Gruber, the site’s Apple focus was appropriate in a different age when the desktop operating system mattered, but now that the Internet is the new operating system there’s no point in covering Apple or OS X. Or Microsoft or Windows for that matter.

“It’s all so pointless,” Gruber sighed, waiting for a burrito to finish microwaving so his Airport connection would come back up and he could regain access to “the new operating system.”

The site will still provide the occasional tidbits of Apple, BBEdit and Movable Type news, as well as the usual 3,000 word rants about misplaced menu items and inappropriate custom control widgets.

“That I don’t think I could stop doing if I wanted to,” Gruber admitted.

Gruber said the change will take place as soon as he is able to gain the domain name In an ironic twist to this story, Whois reveals that is already owned by Shawn King.

48 thoughts on “Another Mac Publication Changes Its Name.”

  1. Hmm. I hope Gruber’s a good sport about that whole Yankees thing.

    Was the ARod thing over the top?


  2. Oh, man! This was the funniest CARS in a long, long time. Perhaps even funnier than the iPod Coolness Expiration Date.

  3. 9th
    yes getting closer
    it should be Stanley | Yankeeball
    (pronounced Stanley Bar Yankeeball
    as in mac | life Mac bar life

  4. nameless norman changes his name to nameless norman with a silent, unwritten “q”

  5. All this talk about balls makes me turn a bit red.

    All part of growing up and being British, I guess.

  6. Yesterday, Aaron suggested that there was a pattern to take the name of a well-known magazine and put “Mac” in front of it (e.g., MacLife).

    Instead of magazines, I think it’s breakfast cereals; we can expect to soon see MacRaisinBran, MacOatmeal, MacRiceCrispies, and, for the classics-minded, MacQuisp!

    (Of course, given the new “bar” fad, they’ll probably be named Mac|Raisin|Bran, Mac|Oatmeal, Mac|Rice|Crispies, and Mac|Quisp….)

  7. Yeah, it’s really too bad about the Yankees. I feel so bad for those guys. Especially Steinbrenner.

  8. Okay, admit it. Who ran a whois search on after reading this article? Oh come on, I’m not the only one, am I?

  9. Long time lurker, first time commentor!

    This hilarious post had me laughing so hard, my cubemates started looking at me funny!

  10. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Especially not one wearing such large|Pants™®

    jimothy, you weren’t the only one. Did you say “this’d better not work” out loud too?

  11. Gruber is linking to this.

    I’m disappointed that he didn’t change his logo for the day.

    Bad Gruber!

  12. ^
    Note the name change. Part of my vain quest to be hip.

    Damn you, [i]starmax4ever[/i]!! You took my joke. Now I have to think of some other witty thing tosay and someone else has already started a Monty Python thread.



  13. A .com or .net fireball?

    Now, on a different note, I am just a BIT irked that I was not able to put up the
    first line with a |Pants™® in it!!!
    Pfft! The nerve of some people.

    And in a completely different vein- that was one DAMN funny story, John.

    moo (Vengeful |Pants™®)

  14. Isn’t it eerie the conicidence of Cory Lidle flying into a Manhattan apartment building the day after this story- and that Gruber changed the site logo in Lidle’s honor, complete with Yankee logo……

    Strange, I ran out of quips on this one, it keeps bringing me back to Thurman Munson.

  15. Now everyone’s speaking like woodstock?

    ||||| |||||||||! ||| |||| |||! |||||||! ||||. |||||||||| |||||| |||?

  16. Isn’t it eerie the conicidence of Cory Lidle flying into a Manhattan apartment building the day after this story.

    Yes, it’s my magical talent. Everything I touch turns to shit. Sigh.

    Um… not literally.

  17. So, Moltz, instead of being King Midas, whose touch turns everything to gold, you’re King Merdes?…

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