105 thoughts on “Stanley Yankeeball”

  1. I knew the question was dangerous when I posed it, Nxxx… but then, that just makes it all the more worthwhile, doesn’t it?

    Nice ‘scope… now go find something they can name after you. And take Huh? with you so the two of you can confound the astronomy community with news of “the newly discovered Comet Nxxx-Huh?”

    Clear skies!

  2. Thanks Benny. Clear skies? More like smoke streaked, this is Croydon you know.

    Trouble is at my age, EQ5s on 2″ Stainless Steel tripods seem to increase in weight every time you take them out. Thinking of getting a circus strong man either to carry the GEM or hold the ‘scopes like bins. A real GoTo.

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