Ehhhhhhh, Macarena!

OS X was hit by a proof-of-concept virus today that has left many in the Mac community shaken.

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa’ darle alegria y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Ehhhh, Macarena!

While the virus itself does not contain a payload and is therefore harmless, its name has deposited a deadly payload on the more seasoned veterans of the Mac community who are old enough to remember the mid-1990s pop dance scene.

Macarena tiene un novio que se llama
Que se llama de apellido Vitorino
Y en la jura de bandera del muchacho
Se la dio con dos amigos
Macarena, Macarena, Macarena!

“I was there,” said TidBITS editor Adam Engst. “I saw it.

“It was hell.”

Que le gusta los veranos de Marbella
Macarena, Macarena, Macarena!

Blankly staring off into space, MacInTouch editor Rik Ford said in a far-away voice, “The Macarena. God damn it. Why did it have to be the Macarena?”

Que le gusta la movida guerrilera
Macarena suena con el Corte Ingles
Y se compra los mnodelos mas modernos
Le gustaria vivir en Nueva York
Y ligar un novio nuevo

“All those baby-boomers… all that un-ironic lameness…” Engst said.

“Horrible. Horrible. I thought I had finally gotten over all that pain… but now, to have it dredged up again…

“They’ll say this virus is harmless. It’s not.”

Apple declined to comment for this story, but numerous employees were heard singing to themselves “Ehhhhh, Macarena!

32 thoughts on “Ehhhhhhh, Macarena!”

  1. Quatros!

    Just wait for the next proof-of-concept virus, the Achy Breaky Heart. Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (sounds of vomiting in the background)

    Oompah Loompah

  2. Ironic, isn’t it, that Al Gore was vilified for using the Macarena in an attempt to un-wooden his image so many years ago. Now that he sits on Apple’s board, the evil dance has come back to haunt and taunt him.

    He probably now regrets having invented all those “internets” that Bush has referred to.

  3. It’s over. Ace Deuce wins. No one can possibly be more subtly clever than that in this thread.

  4. Hey Disgruntled Cynic, cheer up! The thread is just getting started. You’ll be gruntled again before you know it.

  5. Ace Duece, that was so funny I snorted milk out my nose. Which when I think about it is strange because I wasn’t drinking milk at the time. Hmmmm?

  6. Mac arena? Hey. That is clever. Now I have to go to work.

    If I download the macarena thing, will my computer download ‘NSync and 98 Degrees songs and play them when I’m playing Bookworm?

    Will it send a smartass teenager to bed without ubuntu?

    If not, I think I’ll just skip the whole thing.

    Check please.

  7. Viente y uno! Viente sin el bot.

    La cosa que es un problema de la Macerena es que cinquenta gente lo cojio. CINQUENTA GENTE!! Todos tienen hacer la Macerna ahora. Que lastima.

    (Translated for all of you not Spanish inclined: ”
    21! @0 if you don’t count the bot.

    The problem with this Macerna is that 50 people got it. 50 PEOPLE!!! Now they all have to do it now. How sad.”)

    Great, now I wanna go play a human female on WoW and type /dance….

  8. Woo Hooo!!!! Pants™® in France baby!!!

    It’s a bit chillier than I expected, though. Oh, well.

    I considered translating the Macarena into French, but thought of the implications.
    Plus, I just don’t feel like it.

    le moo. (Pants™® dreading the flight back to the West Coast fri.)

  9. Moltz, the fact that you took the time to look up the Macarena lyrics (or worse yet, wrote them from memory) speaks volumes about your sanity. You have my pity.

  10. Did you have to suffer “The Birdie Song” or “Viva Espana”or, even delving further back, “The Hand Jive”? Be assured the “Macarena” cannot be as bad.

    Sudden thought, if we swamped Iraq and Afghanistan with twenty-four hour crap pop, would it make the situation better or worse? Of course it would have to be via the net and on Macs.

    Young Johnny Moltz, would you like to lead from the front?

  11. After the “Macarena” virus will be the “I Shot the Sheriff” virus.
    Then the “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” virus.
    After that, the “True” (Spandau Ballet) virus.

    Your computer will be unaffected but the songs will produce a nested earworm loop in your head that you can only interrupt of by gripping large handfuls of your own hair so tightly your scalp bleeds and pounding your face onto your keyboard, which will force you to buy a new keyboard, and visit your beautician.

    I’m scared. But I did not shoot the deputy. I know this much is true.

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