Apple Sued For Failure To Deliver Implied Ponies.

Just hours after being sued by a group complaining that MacBook screens do not actually display millions of colors but only hundreds of thousands, Apple was hit by another lawsuit.

A group of customers is alleging the company has failed to produce on an implied promise that every Apple product comes with a free pony.

“While it was never explicitly stated in any of their materials,” attorney Leonard Embree said, “Everyone I know thinks that that Macs come with ponies.

“It’s just a given. You buy a Mac, an iPod, an Apple TV, and you get a free pony.

“But check the message boards at Apple’s support site and you’ll see hundreds of users complaining that so far there have been no ponies. Where are the ponies, Mr. Jobs? Where. Are. The. Ponies?”

For his part, CEO Steve Jobs insisted there was never any contractual obligation on Apple’s part to supply ponies.

“We’ve been very clear about this,” Jobs said. “Any ponies that might result from owning Apple products are simply an end result. So, buying an iPod might make you more attractive to wild ponies that may just start showing up at your doorstep. Or, buying a Mac might make you more productive and therefore you might find the time to take up the care and feeding of a diminutive equine.

“Although, why you’d want to do that is beyond me. Of course, I just ride my employees around so I don’t really have use for some hay-eating poop factory.”

As a side note, Jobs claimed that it is a well-documented fact that the human eye can only see 18 colors.

“So, this whole business about whether the MacBook displays hundreds of thousands or millions is simply academic.”