Pictures of New iMac Keyboard Leaked.

The Mac community was abuzz over the weekend as pictures of the new iMac keyboard were leaked.

Crazy Apple Rumors Site has received its own copies of these tantalizing pictures that represent a bold new direction for Apple design. Please forgive the poor quality of these images. Many Bothans died to bring us this information (not a lot of people know but Bothans are notoriously loose-lipped Mac users).

As has been widely rumored, the new keyboard is ultra-thin. Some would say even paper thin.

Actually, some would say that it is, actually, paper. Indeed, while other sites are saying the new iMacs will feature aluminum enclosures, CARS has learned from reliable sources that they will be paper-based.

While this poses certain problems with conductivity and the potential for fire, Apple sources informed CARS that this was “special” paper that conducts electricity and is non-flammable.

It’s also, they insisted, really cool.

34 thoughts on “Pictures of New iMac Keyboard Leaked.”

  1. First… to point out that the type is mis-centered on the “0” key which totally proves it’s a fake.

  2. i know some will argue that these pictures look fake. but my sources tell me they are as real as anything on CARS. Good work!

  3. K-k-k-k-k-keyboard. Impressive.

    I can’t tell if the Apple logo is still on the command key.

  4. There’s no way that’s the real thing. No way at all.

    I mean, look at the USB plug.
    That thing is SO fake.

  5. That one is just the prototype. The real one will be thinner. So thin that you can’t see it from the side.

  6. I’m going to sue Apple if I have to fill in the numbers on all the function keys myself.

    Top 10. Maybe. Unless I write a bunch more useless crap.

    Speaking of which…will it come in any other colors? Blue would be cool.

  7. Roll-up keyboards have already been produced by third-party manufacturers, but this one does have that certain ineffable something that the Apple design team provides.

    If I could eff it, I would, because it would open the door for other industrial designers to meet the same standards. As it is, they’re all to effing clueless to get it.

  8. Other Bothans have noted that the keyboard will come in various colors and brightness, as measured in lumens per cm squared. Fluorescent colors will also be available. Photos found floating in the liquified remains of several Bothans also indicate that Xerox may in fact be a sub contractor supplying material for the new keyboards as Apple’s way of coming clean on the origins of the original mac.

  9. If you need multi-media keys you could just draw them on!


    Oh and Rip, it comes with a box of crayons so can be any colour you like.

  10. I have pictures of another apple keyboard that’s in the works. it looks just like a regular USB cable, because the keyboard is invisible. You can see it in person, but they built it with Apple’s new patent pending “dracula” technology, so it doesn’t show up in pictures. except for the cord. “Dracula” technology doesn’t seem to work on cords.


  11. It’s a brilliant piece of Photoshopping, but if you look closely you can just see some artefacts on the side of the numeric keypad. There’s also some misalignment on the arrow keys. Oh, and it’s drawn in crayon too.

    Still, they did say it was cool, so I *am* quite tempted to buy this mock-up anyway. Or even just a picture of it. I mean, it’s got the Apple logo and everything, so…

  12. Loose Leaf is on to something. Could the next big thing be the one sided Mobius Apple keyboard to go with the Mobius iPhone. Remember “you can’t be too thin or too rich”

    Mobius iMac? Now thats cool!

  13. I like the shapes of those keys – not perfectly square or rectangular. Looks like some of them would be easier to find by shape.

    Does it ship flat, rolled, or folded?
    What happens if I spill my drink on it?
    Would I be better off just stealing the flexible, sterilizable (is that even a word?) keyboard from by dentist’s office?

  14. If you thought the whining about lack of tactile feedback on the iPhone was bad, just wait until this puppy gets released! Oh man.

  15. Touch-sensitive electronic paper! Brilliant!

    You can program your own personal keyboard layout. However, you are vulnerable to the “wandering key” virus.

  16. This sounds like a ploy to keep those wankers at Greenpeace off Jobs’ back.

    Unless the paper isn’t recyclable, then look out–it’s fund raising time!

  17. I think I’ll pass. I’ll wait for the wireless one! Paper-based wireless keyboard!

  18. If it ships with crayons it had better be the 64-colors box. None of this 16-colors crap. I want Burnt Sienna.

    Is the paper absorbent? I mean, could I use it to sop up what’s left of the spilled Inversion IPA I don’t lap up off the floor?

    Also, when rolled up will it make an effective training tool for a puppy? My current keyboard is quite a deterrent for most misbehavior. That keyboard looks like it will be a bit flimsy.

  19. OMG new iPhone software!
    Or something.
    If you’re keeping score at home, it’s 1.01 (1C25).
    Alert the wire services.

  20. This looks so prototype … The form factor, the missing prints on the F1 keys …
    I assume they just tested the basic key function.
    Or it might be like the optimus maximus keyboard: changing imprints/icons on the keys, e.g. when using the keyboard with portables. Oh boy, I definitely wait for the Bluetooth version now!

  21. with the right reworking. this could really fly, i’m sure of it.

    those bothans died for a greater cause, santa cause?

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