Apple Wins Dismissal of Suit.

Apple executives were jubilant today over the announcement that the company had won the dismissal of a lawsuit claiming its executives unfairly profited from improperly backdated stock options while investors suffered because of diluted share prices.

“Perhaps this will be a lesson to people in the future, said Apple’s newly minted general counsel Daniel Cooperman. “Mess with the bull… you get the horns.”

Cooperman then topped off his cliché by putting his index fingers up by his temples and jabbing his head at reporters several times.

Satisfied he made his point, Cooperman put his hands down and noted “Danny’s one for one, bay-bee! And there’s more where that came from, bee-otch!”

He then pantomimed riding a horse and slapped his own behind several times.

CEO Steve Jobs said “I’m thrilled that justice has been served in this case. Clearly, there was no intent to improperly reward ourselves. We have ever only had the interests of our investors and our customers at heart.”

Jobs received a hearty round of applause from the gathered members of Apple’s executive group as well as several investment analysts.

“Now if you’ll excuse me,” Jobs said, “I’m going to go backdate the shit out of some options.”

Jobs then disappeared into a back room from which he could be heard to shout “June 12, 1996! November 6, 1990! September 23rd, 1981! March 8th, 1968! Oh, that was a good one!”

For their part, the plaintiffs indicated they recognized their case was an uphill battle.

“Admittedly,” said plaintiffs’ lead counsel Roger Fogelstein, “it’s a little hard to claim you were damaged by diluted stock prices when the company’s stock is at like a bazillion dollars a share right now.”

Apple stock rose even further on the news, then dropped back down when Jobs started backdating options and then rose again when someone saw a squirrel.

31 thoughts on “Apple Wins Dismissal of Suit.”

  1. I figured the suit would be won when Steve Jobs used Time Machine to travel back in history and delete the improperly backdated options. Isn’t that what Time Machine was designed for in the first place?

  2. Daniel Cooperman says this article misquotes him, and he’s suing.

    And Time Machine was invented so I could go back and buy Apple shares at $13 around the end of the Amelio era. Or so I assumed when I installed Leopard. Now I’m waiting for 10.5.1.

  3. Damn squirrels messing with the markets again. It was bad enough with the bulls and the bears and all those other Chicago ball clubs.

  4. Y’know what? I’m not gonna wait. As soon as Apple releases a version of OS X with a working Time Machine, I’m coming back to today and giving it to myself. Next time you see me, I’ll be fabulously wealthy.

  5. Wasn’t it The Who who were ‘just backdated, yeah’ in ‘Substitute?
    Could they be suing Jobs for breach of copyright?

  6. This has been a bad week for posting for me. Next week I’ll pull it together and be FIRST every night. You just watch.

  7. That’s a pretty big call, CB. I hope you don’t backdate anybody’s toothbrush whilst on your quest.

  8. I almost wasn’t going to say it, but I just can’t go without

    Three times five is fifteen! But sixteen is a good number two.

  9. Oh, by the way, Moltz, your “Meet the Staff” page still shows The Entity as the energy being in a hooded cloak, not as J(f)C.

    Your readership wants J(f)C!

    (As if you didn’t already know that!)

  10. Apple stock rose even further on the news, then dropped back down when Jobs started backdating options and then rose again when someone saw a squirrel.

    Boy, if that ain’t the best explanation of how the stock market works, it… Well hell, it is, isn’t it?

  11. As partly alluded to in #15, Cooperman so used our toothbrush!

    Will His Steveness’ crazy apple backdating of stock (yes, CABS) affect Forrest Gump?

  12. So, with backdating, could I make this the first post?

    “Backdate.” I’m thinking reality show here. Work with me. People who go on dates but never face each other. Only their backs touch. Sort of like a bad rip-off of a Beckett play. Samuel Beckett, not Josh Beckett.


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  16. Wow, those spam bots got sophisticated, now they’re impersonating Woody Hayes!

    Just as stupid though.

    UofM all the way!

    Sigh, you know since Bo and Woody are both dead, the Michigan/Ohio rivalry just isn’t the same.

  17. Well, after last year, EVERYTHING’s going to be a let-down!

    I mean, they were #1 and #2 – and with Bo passing away the day before … nothing will ever live up to that, no matter on which side of the Toledo Strip you’re standing.

    And since the BCS went into effect, the Big Ten Title and trip to the Rose Bowl just don’t mean as much as they once did.


    And, Go Bucks!!

    (O-H … I-O!)

  18. I hate to break up a good thing by going “On Topic,” but um…

    On the actual post, you said that the stock went up when someone saw a squirrel. That may be a factual error, or possibly you didn’t read the whole article. The stock went up when someone saw Squirrel Boy playing with his Android.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

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