Macworld Canceled.

This is just coming off the wire and has forced us to shelve a detailed exposé on Chris Breen’s hair, but the staff Crazy Apple Rumors Site wanted to get it out as soon as possible so everyone would know that…


That’s right. Canceled. We know it’s disappointing but…

There it is.

Let’s all try to be grownups about it.

The reason, according to Apple, is that the announcement of the new Mac Pro and the new Xserve was a mistake.

“Yeah, Larry did that,” said an apologetic chief operating officer Tim Cook. “I told him about fifty times that it was next Tuesday but Larry is, well, Larry. Juice Box Larry we call him.

“Anyway, the Mac Pro and the Xserve are all we had, so… no Macworld. Sorry!”

But Apple is not, apparently, the only reason Macworld has been canceled. A quick check of recent press releases reveals the following:

  • San Francisco hookers announced they were raising their hourly rates for the whole week because “the damn Mac geeks just want to talk and won’t get down to brass tacks”.
  • The highly popular “Shower with Adam Engst at the Mosser” event has been canceled as Adam has come down with a bad case of athlete’s foot. Our best wishes to Adam for a speedy recovery.
  • Someone saw Rob Enderle in the vicinity of the Moscone Center.

Cook said that Steve Jobs would make it up to us by taking us all out for ice cream later in the year.