68 thoughts on “That’s the joke”

  1. Nxxx,

    No, I am not a politician.
    But I do live in Philadelphia, home to some of the U.S.’s most inept and corrupt politicians.

  2. ‘inept’?


    Now those are two words you’re not used to hearing in the same sentence as ‘politician’.

    Are you sure you’ve got your facts right, Steve?

    Only a bunch of ours are so utterly fantastic they have ‘Right Honourable’ in front of their names.

    Which they apparently got for cleaning the Queen’s privy, or something.

  3. How dare you?

    Buck House does not hod Burrito Nights at the Palace but the Guinness and Vindaloo nights are something else. Sewerage workers are on danger money.

  4. Oh, I dared.

    At least I’m not a purveyor of some questionable merchandise related to some upcoming wedding y’all are having across the pond.

  5. Why did you stop LOLing?

    Seeing how many silly Americans are going to be awake at 4:00am (or earlier) to watch a wedding of people they don’t know nor will ever meet is pretty damned funny.

  6. Not here!

    (Whew! Got out of that one quickly.)

    On this side of the pond, when two people with no jobs get married, we don’t exactly celebrate it.

  7. I always cry at weddings. Well, not always, unless they run out of pale ale and hors d’oeuvres at the reception. Then for sure.

  8. The most important item on the 29th April is International Frog Day.
    Somewhat appropriate, eh?

  9. I say old bean! I’ll have you know that the couple in question do have regular jobs. William is a helicopter pilot for the RAF search and rescue team, and Kate is employed in her parents business…banana straighteners from Wolverhampton!

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