iSight Helps Long-Distance Relationships.

Apple’s iSight is a boon for Mac users wishing to stay in touch with friends, conduct business or collaborate online via interactive video. Recently, it’s even found a role in helping couples manage long-distance relationships.

Sandra Murdock, a 27-year-old advertising account representative claims the iSight has helped her and her boyfriend of eight months, Andy Geller, maintain their relationship while Murdock lives in San Francisco and Geller in Boston.

“The iSight is a great way to keep in touch,” Murdock said. “We can even get a little… romantic… if you know what I mean!

“The best thing is, if I make sure to angle it right, Andy can’t even see my new boyfriend, Enriqué,” Murdock went on to point out, demonstrating the appropriate camera angle on the iSight on top of her 15-inch iMac.

“Or Maurice. Or the starting defensive lineup for the 49ers. Or the guy in the leather mask with the rubber ball strapped into his mouth.

“Hmm…” she mused. “What’s… that… guy’s… name…?”

The guy in the leather mask with the rubber ball strapped into his mouth let out a muffled but cheerful “Mfffrrwww!” and waved a shackled hand from across the room.

32-year-old programmer and Seattle resident Gordon Wen also lauded the iSight for helping his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend in Atlanta.

“We talk, laugh… it’s just good to be able to see her, you know?” Wen said. “And, frankly, iChat sex with Terry is better than regular sex.

“Now, finally, she has to do some of the work. I don’t know why I always had to do the heavy lifting.”

Murdock and Wen aren’t the only people benefitting from the iSight’s ability to make a long-distance connection.

“Long-distance relationships?” asked 45-year-old system administrator Bill Watson. “Oh, yes. I couldn’t live without my iSight. It’s really helped my personal life! It’s important to have that face time, to really make a connection.

“Um… does it count if I’m paying them?”

Crazy Apple Rumors Site was unable to confirm that Apple would be launching a companion series to its online Apple Masters series to highlight these and other iSight innovators, entitled Apple Masturbators.