27 May 0410.3.4 Update Is Happy Chocolate Fun Time.

What the…?

It’s weird. The only one who didn’t seem to think this was weird was Masako. She installed it immediately and has been humming this little tune all day.

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  1. HikerCA says:

    First Post Suckers!

  2. CRAP says:

    GDMNT!!! I read first, then went for the post. Foolish. Foolish me.

  3. John Moltz says:

    That’s some nice lurking, Hiker.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And if you hadn’t.. you know, called me a Sucker and all… it wouldn’t feel so much like there was a void in my stomach.. you know, where friends would be. Thanks for pokin’ a “sucker” in my void is all I’m tryin’ to say.

  5. an architect of sorts says:

    20% more offensive? Only 20? Come on Mr. Moltz! Who is your target audience anyway. Is it really 20?

    *Hangs head mutters “20…phb!”*

  6. Adam Jackson says:

    <— humming happy tune!

  7. Louzer says:

    Humming what tune?!?!?!?!

  8. While John was dicking around with this, CMRS posted a key update in the comments of yesterday’s CSRS report.

    You decide which is better.

  9. Joscelin says:

    Wow, this has to be a record for the most posts in less than twenty minutes of the daily update

  10. Daddy Bartholomew says:

    All I want to know is, does Masako’s “little tune” have anything at all to do with the licorice underwear?

  11. Just a friendly reminder that whoever gets the most “first posts” in the month of May is supposed to win a mini.

    I guess the big question is what the Entity will do with a mini.

    Oh, and regards John’s post on the 10.3.4 update, did anyone else get the “Mega Post” reference?

  12. Ambrose Chapel says:


  13. I think Señior Moltz needs to pay some tribbute to the venerable http://www.engrish.com/

  14. Mr. Happypants says:

    AAAAHH! It burns! Screenshots should not be JPEGs!

    Repeat after me: P-N-G! P-N-G! P-N-G! P-N-G! P-N-G!

  15. John Moltz says:

    Hey, you’re right! Look at that! And the file’s smaller and everything. Golly. What’ll they think of next? PNG, huh? Wow. That’s really sumpin.

  16. LD says:

    Wow, look how crappy and fake the PNG looks compared to the JPG! http://www.crazyapplerumors.com/images/SWUpdate.jpg

    P-N-G! P-N-G! P-N-G!

  17. Los Wink Magnifique says:

    Don’t know if you can hear it from there, but I’m laffin’ up a storm.

    I accept the challenge of Mac OS X Update 10.3.4!

    Keep it upwards!

    ~ winky

  18. yob retsop says:

    !!!! tsop drawkcab tsrif


  19. b-man says:

    Obviously, Apple has been outsourcing their development team to Japan – and directing their money away from professional translators.

  20. Cyanide says:

    tsop sdrawkcab dnoces

    (yrros ton)

  21. Cyanide says:

    Well, damn them and their necessary restart, ruins my uptime.

    By the way speaking of uptime, we just found an old iBook. It was running, with the lid open just a crack, under a bookshelf. The person closed the lid, and brought it to the compy lab. Turns out, it was reported stolen over a year ago. AND… it has been running (without sleeping) since (it was left plugged in). How people manage to lose a computer is beyond me. On the plus side, 491 days of uptime (while fetching their email via airport!). On the down side, I left it unplugged and the battery died… Sigh…

    349 DAYS, 22 hours, I forgot the minutes

    I’d like to see a PC user beat that.

    Happy ending, though, Johno got his iBook back.

  22. Cyanide says:

    and whoops i typed 491 days and then 349

    i dont know why i did that

  23. Cyanide says:

    it was 349.

  24. Mr. Happypants says:

    Repeat after me: 32-bit P-N-G! 32-bit P-N-G! 32-bit P-N-G!

    Seriously, that looks like crap too, but because it’s an 8-bit (256 color) image, not because it is a PNG.

  25. John Moltz says:

    Yeah, well, when you beeotches buy me some more bandwidth, I’ll put up 32-bit PNGs. Until then, it’s 8-bit all the way, baybee.

    Besides, this site isn’t about hi-res graphics. It’s about the love.


  26. Peter says:


  27. iAlien says:

    Last post, baby!!!

    Oh, who am I kidding… 🙁

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Sigg says:

    It’s pronounced *PING* not ‘P-N-G’!



  30. Bill Eccles says:

    Like, I’d really like to, you know, like, comment on this post and PING and stuff, but I’m, like, all, like, then she said, um… where was I?

    Oh, that’s right. I’m still lost in the Mega Post.

  31. Fringe says:


    Mr. Moltz, this is one of my favorites.

    Happy chocolate fun time indeed!

  32. John Moltz says:

    Whoa, there, hold on, dude.

    Mr. Moltz is my _father_.

  33. Citizen Of Trantor says:

    Holy Crap! Apple Has Hired Yoda!

    Aaaa! I Can’t Stop Capitalizing!!! Help!!!

  34. Fringe says:

    No, John. I *am* your father.

    (No, it can’t be. That’s (whiny voice)impossible!)

  35. b-man says:

    check out the non-crappy Happy Chocolate Fun Time “screenshot” at:


    or click my name.

  36. xaven says:

    I checked out the screen shot and yours is still *very* crappy… Of course I’m reading this on a PC…is that bad of me…should I be spanked by sexbots?

  37. xaven says:

    oops…my bad. (do people still say that?) It turned out that is was redced in my browser window. Once I got it zoomed to full size it was indeed *non* crappy.

    Now… do I have to return the spanking I received back to the sexbots, or do I get to keep it?

  38. b-man says:

    Thanks. Somebody tell Moltz that the OS X system font is Lucida Grande, NOT Helvetica! Some people never learn…err, read the Human Interface Guidelines.

    That image was 101 KB, if you’re interested.

    Which you’re not.

    Just don’t spank the sexbots.

  39. link- says: