Playlist Magazine To Provide Hot Playlist Action.

Mac Publishing LLC has announced Playlist, a new magazine for digital music fans.

According to sources within Mac Publishing LLC, Playlist will bring hot playlist action to Mac and Windows users.

Jason Snell, editor in chief of Mac Publishing LLC, was coy about the risqué nature of the new magazine.

“Our philosophy is show readers the playlist next door,” Snell said. “These are approachable playlists. Not the ones that might have snubbed you in high school and laughed at you behind your back and humiliated you and made jokes about your skin and…”

“Well… we just think people will like these playlists. They’re full-bodied and attractive… and just a little naughty.”

Those who have seen advance copies of Playlist concur.

“Oh, I’d totally feel comfortable using one of these playlists,” said Delicious Monster co-founder Wil Shipley.

“Not that I’d just use a playlist. I mean… I’d totally call it up later. It’s not like that.

“Well… OK… a couple of times it’s been like that. You know… sometimes you drink a lot and start listening to a playlist you wouldn’t normally listen to and then one thing leads to another and you wake up the next day and want to chew off your ear phone cords…

“Hey, am I right, fellas? I know it ain’t just me!”

Snell believes Playlist will appeal to digital music aficionados of all platforms.

“You’ll definitely want to check out our playlists of the Big 10 issue,” Snell said, winking obnoxiously.

“Just in time for football season!” he added, winking again for no apparent reason.