Administrative note

We’ve had a number of really bad comment spam attacks and to try to stay ahead of them we’re going to be changing the name of comment script frequently. If you’ve linked to a previous post’s comment section (cough – Mega Post – cough), your link will stop working when we change the name of the script.

We’re not deleting the Mega Post, so don’t get your panties in a wad.

And, for the love of god, if you’re a dude, get some boxers or something.


12 thoughts on “Administrative note”

  1. like I’ve said for years…just stick a link up there with the site navigation, forget about it when you flip the script, get tons of angry email, then turn comments completely off, then get your home pelted with rocks, and then delete the link from the site navigation.

    oh, wait, they already did that.

  2. Y’know, we could just turn this thread into Mega-Post III(TM): The Truly Crappier Sequel to the Crappy Sequel.

    Or we could just bunch up our knickers. (Shout out to Britannia!)

  3. Ooooo, giggle, mmmm…

    I’m a professoinal model, and I think I look pretty good in boxers. So just because your wearing boxes doesn’t mean you don’t resemble a babe supermodel.

    You have to define your masculinity in a different way. Such as beating up small children or being able to not take a pee for eleven hours as you drive on the freeway. Now, that’s some really manly stuff…

  4. Go Howard! You rock, dog!

    Oh, I’m not wearing underwear, either.

    And I’m not wearing pants.

    Mmmyep! Just flapping in the breeze over here.

    This will probably be my usual state after I go to jail for killing Laci and Conner.

  5. Oh the dephs to which the comments have fallen. Is that the best we can do? Talk about what underclothing we wear. The shame…the degradation…

    (by the way, I NEVER wear panties or boxers.)

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