Alpha Geeks Starting To Be A Problem At Apple.

Sources in Apple’s Human Resources department indicate that the company has a rampant problem with alpha geek dominance.

Geeks within Apple are reportedly in a continued struggle for dominance that often expresses itself physically as well as verbally and creates a threatening work environment for many.

At a team meeting earlier today, frightened omega geeks were chastised, bullied and humiliated by an alpha geek in an ongoing exercise that sociologists say serves to establish a hierarchy of technical prowess.

“YOU CALL THAT ERROR TRAPPING?!” alpha geek John A. Vink screamed into the face of a lesser geek, pointing at several lines of code on a screen.


Vink further instructed the lesser geek to give him three log(N) implementations for the same function before the end of the day, even though only one is needed.

While Apple HR is poised to issue a policy against geek dominance, many in the technical areas of the company believe it is actually a good thing.

“Just as in a wolf pack, there must be order,” mused Chief Technology Officer Avie Tevanian.

“As with the chimps studied by Jane Goodall, the mountain gorillas studied by Dian Fossey, and… uh… a couple of Schnauzers studied by this guy I knew back in college, there is a pecking order. An order in which members of the group must be… um… pecked, if you will.

“You see, first member A is pecked, then member B and so on down the line. Member Z may or may not even get… pecked.

“I don’t really know what ‘pecking’ is and it may have been teacup poodles instead of Schnauzers, but I’m quite certain I stand on legitimate scientific turf.”

Despite Tevanian’s contention that there are benefits, a number of employees have begun to speak out against hazing by alpha geeks and Apple HR has promised to deal with the matter.

“This kind of behavior is unacceptable,” said Apple HR spokesperson Dwight Campbell. “How are we supposed to attract good job candidates if they have to be afraid of getting book dumped or snicker-snagged?

“Snicker-snagging is hardly the kind of thing we put into the brochure, you know?”

Campbell was unable, however, to define exactly what snicker-snagging was, but said he had heard it was “real nasty.”

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  1. Fourth. I am NOT an alpha geek, for sure. What’s a logarithm? Is that music for lumberjacks?

  2. It’s the same in the rabbit community. There’s Frank and Harvey then there’s the rest of us.

    Bit dissapointed no mention of scrotal temperature.

  3. Um, it’s “Snicker-snacking” – which is a chopping motion as if slaying with a sword. It derives from Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky”, which is included in the Alice in Wonderland sequel, “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”.

    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

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    So I guess the moral of the story is never get into a pissing contest in which you have the chance of drowning. Or maybe it is Yorkies are stupid. I don’t really know.

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  19. man, that was just beyond necessary. Jerkage.

    that’s like the time the Devil came to town and made a mess of things. the Mayor had to throw him out of town.

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  20. The correct answer is:

    Snicker-Snagging [sp?] or “dangle-spit” is the act of letting out a controllable amount of spittle from your mouth over your victim, or sometimes over a long drop off (cliff or building) or a mall second level, then sucking it back into your mouth before it drops. If it hits them or gets loose in any way, it’s spitting, otherwise if you can get it all back in your mouth you’ve successfully performed the “snicker-snag” or sometimes “snigger-snag”.

  21. I am so jealous of Vink that I’m going to defect to Cuba. Oh well, it could be worse: at least I’m not Canadian.


  22. “…instructed the lesser geek to give him three log(N) implementations for the same function”

    It’s obvious that you are not an alpha geek or else you would know that algorithms are evaluated in terms of “Big Oh” notation. An algorithm which executes in n units of time for n number of data points would be O(n), a quadratic algorithm executes in O(n^2) time, etc. As for the example cited in your story, a logarithmic algorithm executes in O(log n) time.

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