26 Jul 05Off for the rest of the week

Taking a few personal days. Don’t complain – there are seven of us and we’re only taking three days so it could be worse.

While we’re off, please use the comments to contemplate the following question: when your Mac sleeps, does it dream?

If so, what does it dream of?

That oughtta hold ya.

107 Responses to “Off for the rest of the week”

  1. jinzo012 says:


  2. Anonymous says:


    or 9 in binary. which is my favorite number.

  3. Psyko says:

    Mario, we are not blaming Moltz, we are blaming the other guys. Jeez, you are too jumpy.


  4. Psyko says:

    (Nobody tell Mario that a conspiracy involves conspiring by both parties. If he doesn’t know, my last post should keep him happy.)


  5. tag dag says:

    Ahh, it turns out that it was my butterfly dreaming that it was a mac and not the other way around. So it turns out that I don’t actually own a mac. Guess I’d better head over to crazybutterflyrumours.com

  6. Psyko says:

    Guess you had better stop posting here on a PC and get a Mac.


  7. cm says:

    dreams of grabnastydollars.com

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