Developers To Mac Users: "Just Boot Into Windows."

As many pundits and members of the Mac community feared, Apple’s decision to allow dual booting of Macs into Windows has caused all OS X developers to abandon the platform. Across the board, developers are telling those who find the OS X environment infinitely more appealing: “Just boot into Windows.”

“This is exactly as I feared, said Jerry Kindall. “This move to Intel has been the death knell for Apple. Developers have no reason to develop for the Mac when they can easily tell users to spend several minutes rebooting into a crappier operating system that they hate to use.

“It just makes good business sense.”

Experts expect that, at the rate developers are telling users to “just boot into Windows”, within three years the only reason to boot into Mac OS X will be to move some files around with the Finder, play Chess and enjoy brushed metal interfaces.

The situation is so bad that even developers whose applications are OS X-only are telling users to “just boot into Windows.”

“I don’t know why I did it,” said Brent Simmons, developer of NetNewsWire. “I don’t even make a Windows version. What would my customers do after they boot into Windows? Use someone else’s application? Guess I’d better get working on a Windows port.

“You know, I keep thinking there was some reason I decided to develop for the Mac instead of Windows but I just can’t seem to remember what it was…”

Developers have also asked that Mac users hit themselves over the head with a ball peen hammer for no apparent purpose.

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  1. I got more Google hits from “peen” than “pean” so I changed it.

    “Pein” makes it seem dirty.

  2. What? Now I’ve got to go to the hardware store and get a ball-peen hammer? They just made me go buy a copy of Windows because it can now boot on Intel Macs, and I don’t even have an Intel Mac! I hate these continual upgrades.

  3. Ugh… this would be funny if it weren’t sooo true. I’ve seen several different software vendors, as their “Macintosh solution”, tell users to go buy Virtual PC. Ugh.

  4. I’d be far less discouraged if I knew that Macs were available for $299*, and some dull-headed guy was on my TV at EVERY FRICKING COMMERCIAL BREAK letting me know about this, and all the computer stores had Macs prominently featured in their displays, so that people would be encouraged to buy five or six Macs and sprinkle them around the house.

    But they don’t.

    So, yeah, I’m a little worried about this.

    *Monitor, keyboard and mouse not included. CPU and video performace has been compromised to bring you this low, low price.

  5. “Experts expect that…it is expected that within three years”

    I expect that should be reworded. Did you boot to Windows to write that or something?

  6. As the suggestion is “hit themselves over the head with a ball peen hammer” and does not state which part of the head should receive the blow, and from which part of the hammer, may I have your permission Mr. Moltz, to strike myself with a claw hammer, providing the claw is not involved in the collision?

  7. I for one prefer telling users to hit themselves in the head with a sledgehammer. Then it doesn’t matter so much where they hit.

  8. I’ve always preferred the Python-esque “blow to the head” to using Windows. The effects are similar, but Windows takes so much longer to achieve the same result, and I’m usually in a hurry.

    Crunchy frog chocolates are also preferable…

  9. > I shall never fenestrate my macintosh.

    Furthermore, should I ever fenestrate my macintosh, I will promptly defenestrate myself and/or said macintosh, as punishment.

    Unless it was to play a really cool game or something.

  10. Just upgraded the SE/30 to os 7.61 (and they said it couldn’t be done!)- my NEXT target is the jump to Windows 3.1 (just for the games… really!)

  11. Mac users to Windows “Just Boot the Developers”.

    …in a related development today, mac users have been seen kicking windows developers in the shins. “OUCH!”, said windows developer Able Finebody. “Quit kicking me in the shins!” Mac users have not stopped kicking, however…

  12. Users just boot windows developers to Mac

    Users kick Windows developers in the shins. Etc.

    Considering defenestrating my name. It doesn’t have the Cars Vibe. Bit too much like a name, really.

    But then using a normal name is like soooo nouveau…

  13. What if like other users I’m using BootCamp to boot other operating system, like OS 6 for example. What am I to do then, hit myself over the head with my old 512K?

    Somehow, that still sounds less painful then running Windoze.

  14. I’ll be the third to follow the (de)fenestration thread as I think it funny as a ball peen hammer and witty to boot.

  15. NetNewsWire rolls over for Windows and that’s the death of Mac? Incorrect, it’s the death of NetNewsWire. Most of the software I run came from Apple (e.g. Final Cut, DVD Studio, GarageBand, etc., etc.). Even if Adobe rolls, it doesn’t matter to me all that much. So I’ve got to license Windows to use Photoshop. It would be tolerable for that but still wouldn’t present a reason to abandon Apple. However, if Final Cut, et al, disappear then I have no reason to license Windows at all as I would then be in a situation of using a second-rate operating system to run second-rate applications and my best bet would be to go back to hardware solutions for recording then.

  16. John,
    This really isn’t good enough. My Doctor has given me a prescription for a CARS posting at 06:30 BST each weekday. Now I am without my medicant, and new laws against ‘Glorifying Terrorism’ are enacted today. If I go down, I’ll take you with me.

  17. I actually know why Mac developers would say boot into Windows…

    …so that their customers know how good they’ve got it under Mac OS X, and eagerly buy new Mac software as soon as it appears.

    My Boot Camp experience (and I’m a pretty seasoned Windows user for work purposes), went like this:

    After the interminable Windows installation which stops several times during the 40 min installation to ask inane questions instead of waiting until the end, I spent the next 20 mins dismissing 150 repeating speech bubbles which “plop” onto the screen asking inane things like…

    “Do you want to activate now, go on, you know you want to, because if you don’t I’ll just remind you another 132 times… per day”
    “Found new hardware but I’ll wait for you to install it because I can’t so it was a bit pointless mentioning it wasn’t it”
    “Your computer might be at risk because with a monopoly 96% of the market we’re targetted left right and center with viruses, spyware, trojans, and more nasty stuff than a nightclub full of teenage goths, just thought you’d like to know”
    “I’ve found a wireless connection so I’ll use it, even though you already had a perfectly good cable Ethernet connection which was much faster, but hey, that’s what speech bubbles are for isn’t it!”

    And then there’s the Start Menu prompts, “You’ve got new software! I’m sure you wanted to know that, since you just installed it yourself and would already know, but hey, I’m being a helpful little OS today.”

    And program prompts, “I know you’ve just installed Firefox and made it your default browser, but IE is lonely and wants some friends, so please make it your default browser again, please!”

    And, “Your desktop has unused icons, would you like me to move them to the Recycle Bin, because I’m good at that, it’s not like you actually put them there for a reason is it, or maybe it is, but go on, let me do it anyway”

    And, “a .dll associated with the program you want to remove might be in use by another program, or it might not, you never can tell can you. Do you want to delete it anyway, knowing that it will probably hose all your programs, even those that have nothing to do with it and require you to boot into Safe Mode and do lots of funky weird stuff with the registry before you can use IE again (which by the way I’ve made your default browser again because I knew you’d want it back eventually), oh, and speaking of the Registry, you do have a backup somewhere, don’t you…”

    And then it all repeats like a recurring nightmare.


    The only sane part of the experience I found was the great new Control Panel which I hadn’t seen before which said “Startup Disk… Mac OS X.”

    I clicked it and sanity returned.

  18. Crap, if have to boot into windows, I am going to revert all the way and start using a non electric typewriter.

  19. Fraser: Adobe won’t “roll”. They’re they’re working on a Universal for their entire suite as you read this – it should be out by fall.


  20. OK, So why did the world or developers or anyone have to wait until windows will boot on a mac to use windows? Where have you people been? If you wanted to boot into windows before this buy a windows based machine.

    I mean we are on macs because of windows, right?

    NEVERMIND!! I just saw where I was… Sheesh, NOT FUNNY!! Give me a heart attack.

  21. This is not as funny as you think:

    “You will need to first move your Macintosh TaxCut files to your Windows computer, then transfer the files to TurboTax in Windows, and then move the TurboTax file containing the TaxCut data back to Mac. Unfortunately, this is the only way to transfer these files. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working toward a solution”

  22. OK – with VM support built-in to Intel’s Core processor – Mac OS X can simultaneously host Windows applications using virtualization solutions like Parallels Workstation…

    What does that mean to me – a longtime Mac user?

    It means, when the occastional need to use a Windows-only app arises (I can think of one or two of these scenarios), I can use a VM solution to boot that Windows app from within Mac OS X.

    Since this Windows app is running in its own virtual machine it’s 100% protected from any external threats of malware, viruses, etc.! I still use my Mac OS X apps for email, RSS and browsing.

    Result: I can have my cake and eat it too!

    Isn’t that what running Mac OS is all about?

  23. This commentary is a serious disservice to Mac users and potential hammer operators worldwide. Readers will be flocking to Hammers ‘R’ Us looking for a ball peen hammer to use on their computers or their heads only to be dismayed at the queer look from the educated associate. Because, in actual fact, to what you refer is known as a machinist’s hammer, comprised of two heads, one with ball peen and one with flat peen. The peen describes the face of the hammer head, be it ball or flat or any number of hammernesses, not the hammer itself.

    I expected better of you.

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