Nobody Gets Why This One Dude Is Switching To Linux.

While Apple is currently enjoying an increased incidence of users switching to the Mac platform from Windows, some prominent users are switching away from the Mac…

…to Linux.

Long-time Mac user Mark Pilgrim announced recently that he was switching to Linux (link via Daring Fireball) due to concerns over Apple’s proprietary data formats.

In response, Mac users rushed to defend the platform against Pilgrim’s wild assertions concerning his own personal requirements.

“Who does this guy think he is?” shot back Panic’s Steven Frank. “What, Lord Pilgrim needs his precious data in a format that he’ll be able to access in perpetuity?

“Actually, you know what? That doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.”

Others questioned whether Pilgrim had ulterior motives in switching.

“He’s totally in the pocket of big Linux,” said Jay Curtis of Your Mac Life. “There’s a lot of money out there to be made in switching to Linux. Big Linux is practically throwing money at prominent Mac bloggers, trying to get them to switch. He’s been paid off by the man.”

“You’re way off base,” said Shawn King. “Linux users are all a bunch of Islamo-fascist communists. Mark’s obviously switching because he was captured by Jihado-terrorist troll patchers as a child and programmed to go off like a bomb thirty years later… and switch to Linux. It’s all part of their insidious plot to destroy our liberties by making us spend all out time compiling various Linux distros.

“It’s the only rational explanation.”

Pilgrim probably maintains that none of these is the reason, but who the hell gives a crap. The guy’s obviously just a kook.

25 thoughts on “Nobody Gets Why This One Dude Is Switching To Linux.”

  1. What a bunch of idiot ideas.

    Clearly he’s been possessed by the ghost of George Washington. George’s goals: First, switch to Linux. Second, kill all humans!

    What else could it be?

  2. No. No. No.

    His brain was infested by a Windows virus that was supposed to make him switch to Windows, but make him switch to Linux because of a bug. What other explanation can there possibly be?!

  3. He’s like the people who liked “Pablo Honey”, then ditched Radiohead when they got famous. Some people always want to be obscure. Ho-hum.

  4. As soon as my Shortsâ„¢ get some money thrown at them, they’ll switch to Linux.

    My Pantsâ„¢ are Mac for life, though….


  5. The itch to switch can make one twitch.

    Maybe Pilgrim felt he was missing out on the whole “switching” thing. I switched from a G4 tower to a G5 tower, and it was fun. In a couple of years I just might switch to Intel processors. And then to positronic brains.

    Wendy Carlos switched from qwerty to Dvorak, perhaps emboldened because her switch from male to female went without a hitch.

    And don’t forget Ichiro switched to batting left just to be closer to first base.

  6. I’m sorry about that stupid comment but when I saw “Comments(10)” I panicked like always.

    Hands up anyone who doesn’t?

    Yeah…thought so.

  7. People in glass houses sink ships.

    Think about that for a while.

  8. I’ve thought about it…still doesn’t make sense.

  9. When you really think about it, doesn’t it always come down to wanting to access in perpetuity?

    And when you don’t, it comes down to sex.

  10. I thought wanting “access” in perpetuity WAS about sex. But then, even “proprietary data formats” sounds sexual to me. YOU WILL DO IT OUR WAY, BITCH.

    What is wrong with me?

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