The staff of Crazy Apple Rumors Site is at Meconi’s Pub & Eatery in beautiful downtown Tacoma doing some Apple source development.




Come on into the comments and we’ll prove it.

UPDATE: Here’s some proof. My date time was supposed to be in the bottom right but my camera phone washed it out.

60 thoughts on “LIVEBLOGGING!”

  1. Ok Mr. Smarty pants(not Pants™®). If you’re so LIIIIIVE!! (pfft), how many fingers am I holding up?

    moo (Pants™® of renown)

  2. Woot! My first ever first post! And to get it by making up the rules just makes it even sweeter.

    I’d like to thank the academy…. Oh, oh my time’s up. Sorry.

  3. Is that LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! as in “layve”? Or as in “liv”? Like LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE DAMMIT! as you pound away on somebody’s chest? I mean, it makes all the difference.


    …aaaaaand, what are you wearing? You know, just for context.

  5. Oh yeah, hey! I think I see you! I’m behind the bar? The guy in the flannelette shirt and beard? With a trucker cap. Nametag: Candy.

  6. Lemme see… HEY! RUDY!


    Nope. Nuthin. Talkin on his mobile though and lookin’ over at the bar a little nervously.

    Now he’s leaving. Strange. I mean it happens a lot, but still…

  7. Intriguing, where is this “beautiful Downtown Tacoma” you speak of?

    /jk, some parts are actually starting to look downright metropolitan

  8. So blog, John.

    We, the Monkey Division of the Modern International Live Farmers (MILF) demand you to update the post with new, timestamped content to prove that you are really liveblogging, not just live.

  9. Hey, Mykie, I’m in a bar with wireless and there’s a tequila bar they’re working on two doors down. Still no anchor down here for the foreseeable future, but it’s getting better.

    OK, yes, a guy got shot dead about a block from here a couple of months ago, but… baby steps..

  10. Hey! What kind of bar do you think this is? This is Saskatchewan, after all. Not some cosmopolitan downtwon Tacoma hangout.

    Anyway… gotta go.

  11. so let me get this straight you are using free broadband from a pub to read thousands, no millions, of reply comments on your online blog?! is this LEGAL! WOW I am connected I could be liable! Satan I revouke theee!!!!!

  12. Holy crap, Apple has this desktop picture of Christopher Walken building robots in his basement. It’s hysterical.

  13. Oh, man, you have to take a look at these. Scroll all the way down to “No one wants to play Sega with Harrison Ford.”

  14. John, apparantly you haven’t read the MacWorld article about making sure your WiFi connection is secure and I have just plundered your pr0n collection…
    YYYYYUCKEEES! Drew Barrymore in latex? C’mon, you can do better than that!
    Oh, yeah, tequila…that helps…

  15. Okay, John, I’m convinced you’re LIIIIVE!!!! in downtown Tacoma. Do me a favor, will ya? Go over to the Spaghetti Factory and get me a plate of Mizithra Cheese Spaghetti. I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for spaghetti today.

  16. No. If I’m going over to the U area I’m going to the Swiss. I’m not going to the frickin’ Spaghetti Factory.

  17. It’s like watching a train wreck made out of rain treks.





  18. Hey John, have you ever walked up the Spanish Steps by the old town hall? I did once, and saw a guy bearing a slight resemblance to a conquistador. He had a cape.

    Or how about that statue in the front of the New Life Church? You know, the creepy disembodied, armed, winged head reaching down to a man being swallowed by mud. You can see it easily from the parkway.

    Tacoma’s a funky place.

  19. LIVE INDEED !!! OMG LEET HAX ! Did you take your G4 iMac ? The frame is so thick 😛
    I have to comment, but no content is present in this post.

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