CARS Announces "Month of Security Dicks"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Following up on yesterday’s announcement of the “Month of Apple Bugs”, Crazy Apple Rumors Site is pleased to announce that in January it will host the “Month of Security Dicks”.

Editor in Chief John Moltz said today that the “Month of Security Dicks” will highlight one complete and utter dick from the world of professional security a day.

“From George Ou to HD Moore, the professional security world is clearly rife with absolute pricks whose egos are matched in size only by their rapacious desire to get a fictitious Mac user they’ve constructed in their heads,” Moltz said.

Each profile in the “Month of Security Dicks” will provide a detailed list of the dickish security professional of the day’s feverish rants against the supposed cabal of brain-washed Mac users who believe OS X has no bugs. Each will also receive a relative rating of his ego using the technology industry-standard Ebrahimi index.

“Frankly, we were a little worried that a month might be giving the topic short shrift,” Moltz added. “There are apparently a lot of security dicks. But, at the same time, having to cover these jackasses for a month will be like a dose of the clap.”

Moltz said that he hopes the dicks in the security profession learn something from the “Month of Security Dicks”.

“If I had to pick one thing, I guess I’d like them to learn that they’re dicks,” Moltz said.

“That’d pretty much be it.”

The “Month of Security Dicks” will run from January 1st to January 31st 2007 on Crazy Apple Rumors Site, unless the point’s already been made.

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  1. Lighting into HD Moore isn’t going to win you any points. Only show what a dicksucker you really are.

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