No post tonight!

It’s been a while since the CARS gang’s been together, so I’m calling for a game party tonight.



What’s that?!

No way, man.


That’s right, beeotches! Masako’s got her fleet of vintage Macs, I’ve got the beer and the Entity/Jennifer fricking Connelly has the bag of chips! We are ready to lock, load and kick some Pfhor ass! We’re kickin’ it old school and rebootin’ frequently! We’re sortin’ our System extensions into groups and restartin’ with extreme prejudice! We’re enjoyin’ low res graphics using sprites instead of…

Wait, this sounds like ass. Why are we doing this again?

Oh, right! Marathon! Best! Game! Evah!

34 thoughts on “No post tonight!”

  1. And then I’ll continue with the deconstruction of my iPod in the spare time left by not having to read any CARS post at 5am GMT. I’m still not sure if the thing’s tainted, but I’ll soon find out.


  2. When is “Meet the Staff” going to be updated with pictures of the Entity? We can’t have that old picture anymore! We need new ones. She’s changed her appearance, and hungry minds want to know!

  3. Good. Another excuse for me to complain that somebody somewhere is slacking off because until somebody somewhere virtualizes Mac OS 9 on Intel processors, I refuse to upgrade my hardware. Marathon isn’t the same in Aleph One because I can’t use Pfhorge and Anvil to build my nifty maps. I want the Holy Grail: I want every piece of software I’ve ever owned–or will ever own–to run on a Mac Pro. Is that too much to ask?

    And Mr. Moltz, please shoot some of those pesky Bobs for me.

  4. No post? Wow. Who the hell is going to eat this big pot of Calamari and Cream of Wheat? I’ve been slaving over a hot cook all day for this.

    That does it. I want my money back.

  5. Marathon? What idiot wants to run twenty-six miles and ………………..hang on a minute……………..just seen the prize money…….now where did I put my trainers?

  6. shoot those …..err……. thingys, whatever they are. and dont forget the calamari and cream of wheat.

    well, someone needs to eat it.
    oh, and may the twentyforth be with you

  7. Thor sends his regards but says he “ain’t goin’ to no freakin’ geek party” and he’ll be staying over here for the night.

    Don’t worry if you forgot to pack his pyjamas, he won’t need them….and he’s using your toothbrush.

  8. After a marathon run of, well, Marathon, gaming should degenerate to Pathways Into Darkness followed by The Colony. I usually pass out drunk somewhere in there. Of course, YMMV…

  9. Never played Marathon, I know I’m old enough to have, feel like I missed something, better get working on that temperal displacement machine again. Tired of fooling with that perpetual motion machine, won’t stop moving long enough for me to see what is wrong.

  10. Masako’s my hero! If anyone can get Halo 3 up and running on an Apple ][ it is her. Sigh.

    Anyway, I’m with Del, we were expecting the unflinching, unwhincing, unbalance, untrue CARS reporting on the Newton II that we’ve come to expect and read, inexplicably.

    You CARS staff can get your group hug on later, we have needs!

  11. So this is a Marton marathon?

    And Jennifer Frikin’ Connoley IS all that and a bag of chips, so she’s bringing the right stuff. Though she wasn’t in that movie. Of the same name. Right Stuff, The.

    Oh for cryin’ out loud!. Am I the only one old enough to get that joke?


  12. You do know that they’ve ported Marathon 2 to the Xbox right? Much higher resolution graphics and international network play.

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