No post.

I’m sorry. I really tried to work on something.

It’s just…


I’m so broken up about this ZFS thing.


I’ve been crying about it for the last hour. I just…

I just hate to see it break up this family!

Please. I’m begging you. Find the love again!

22 thoughts on “No post.”

  1. ZFS is going to be fine. Whoever sues Sun and Apple over this will melt like so much candle wax in hell, if it is really hot like they say.

  2. Geez John, pull it together man. We’re all a little shaken up, but you’re scaring the kids…

    Man, you’re a wreck. Go and get a drink or something, and straighten up your tie and tuck in that shirt.

  3. Go Easy on John. Every time he tries to pull JFC she turns into The Entity.
    Problem is, he still keeps trying.

  4. Hey. John. Listen.

    It’s all right. It’s all right, John. Just use the ZFS snapshot feature to revert the sense of community you had three days ago.

    What? You don’t use ZFS? Okay. Well, you can still do something, right?

    What’s that? You use FAT32 under MacFUSE? And you don’t keep backups?

    Oh geez.

  5. Reminds me of the old Two Ronnies sketch.

    F U N E X

    9 V F N 10 E X

    On second thoughts it doesn’t remind me of anything. My mind was just wandering again.

  6. Hey! Who said you could use that recording i made. That chicken you here there is me, and nobody else. So you better clean up your act or i’ll sue the h…

    What? No chicken sound in this post. What the…? OMG I hate those snapshotty thingies. Went back a couple of days to see if i was having a better time then – forgot to come back… Aaaaarghhhhh

  7. we are here because of you, mr.Moltz.
    we are here to take from you what you tried to take from us.

  8. I have consulted the “Tome of Relevant Haiku” using today’s date, an MD5 hash of Moltz’s name, and the appropriate astral positioning data. I found this somewhat germane entry:

    ZFS on Mac
    is like sex with Jennifer
    Frickin Connelly

    I think that means both are awesome… and for most of us, largely imaginary.

  9. Sharing a Reese’s Peanut butter cup while spooning with Reese Witherspoon, makes all my problems wither away. John, you might want to try that.

  10. I’m working on a case-insensitive version of the Xabyte File System to tide you over, Mr. Moltz, until the ZFS is up and running.

    And by running I don’t mean like your nose, or that sore on your Johnson. Okay?

    Now, back to working out the Fourier transfer diagram that makes it clear this story is out in the hinterlands of the bell curve.

  11. Sorry no comment today. I tried but I too have been in tears most of the day. It is the whole iBrick thing. It just…gets to me. Yah know?

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