26 Nov 07Bonus Pre-Paid CARS!

This one‘s free because the fine folks at Macworld magazine already paid for it!

Of course there are no curse words or excessive use of the word “butt” or gratuitous references to Jennifer fricking Connelly.

Those we keep between the two of us.


Don’t tell Macworld.

18 Responses to “Bonus Pre-Paid CARS!”

  1. Huh? says:


    Free and first!


  2. Huh? says:

    Ok… Read the other article…

    Funny. VERY funny.
    But needed at least one excessive butt.

    Whoa. That butt just came out ALL wrong.

    Um… I mean… uh… Forget it.

  3. Huh? says:

    I’m gonna do it.
    Sorry John.

    Top 3 posts!!!!!

  4. FilmPhotoWeb says:

    One, two, free, four

  5. FilmPhotoWeb says:

    and I like the transparent menu bar…

  6. CB says:

    Ha! Top 10.. just 4 more days .

  7. Ace Deuce says:

    Obligatory comment.

  8. Jay in the iom says:

    The year in review?

    Poor old december, it always gets left out….

    (Tooooooooooooop ten)

  9. but... says:

    it says the Moltz makes up stories on CARS? Have I been swindled? Did I just risk my butt to get 10 million put on next years budget for the acquisition of a coupla dozen of those long-awaited frickin lesbian sexbots? OMG! Anyone need an IT consultant?

  10. but... says:

    BTW, what’s with all the spammy ad-like ‘buy Viagra here and buy thisorthat there’ links on the bottom of the page? Moltzy being sponsored by his pharmacist? Ugluk got out of his cage?

  11. Streetrabbit says:

    Whoa! Some guy in the Macworld comments accused you of using sentences!

    The Snellster sorted him though, with a witty rejoinder.

  12. Anonymous Coward says:

    How many butt comments would it take before it was considered excessive?

  13. blank says:

    I don’t know. Here’s one more: “butt!”

    Is this a one-off Macworld gig, or creeping O’ Grady-ism?

    I’m feeling the fear.

  14. scared monster, also known as Living Proof Of Something, Surely, says:

    Well, don’t know about you, but as a refugee coming from Alderaan, I don’t find it excessively humorous.
    I mean : why was it ? M. Jobs destroyed it just to extend the Interstellar Apple Loop. Unappropriate.

  15. scared monster, also known as Living Proof Of Something, Surely, says:

    Oh, I forgot about it :
    butt, butt, butt. Butty-butt.

  16. Daniel says:

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